5 Reasons You Should Stay With Someone You Love, Even When It Seems Impossible

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski

Relationships are some of the best things in life.  They're fun. They're exciting. They're filled with love, romance, and energy. That said, they also have phases where things can get really difficult. It can be tough to know the reasons to stay with someone you love or decide you've given a relationship all you've got and that it's due to end.

One of the many benefits about being in a long-term, committed relationship is that you and your partner have made the decision that you are each worth it. Come hell or high water, the two of you made the choice to try to make things work and continue to love each other. It's not as easy as just saying the words, though.

All couples go through ups and downs. Going through the "ups" with your love feels like the best thing in the entire world. There's nothing better than sharing life's joys and happiness with someone you truly love. The "downs," though, can be awful. In fact, some of the downs might be so bad, you wonder whether you should end it.

Before you jump to a breakup, consider some of these reasons to stick around and make it work. If you are truly with your soulmate, you'll be glad you did.

1. It Won't Be Hard Forever

Going through one of those tough phases in life can make you feel like it will last forever. When the days are running together because you are both upset with each other and stressed out, it often feels like a never-ending cycle of negativity. The important thing to remember during these times, though, is that it won't be like this forever.

So during a hard time, try to remember that better times are coming soon between you two. In fact, you can even look back at old pictures and videos of the two of you to remember the good times. Your soulmate is always worth fighting for, so stick it out.

2. Ending Things May Be Easy, But It's Not Commitment

Sure, right now, if you are frustrated and feeling upset with the one you love, you could be thinking you want to end it. But do you really want that?

In a long-term relationship, the decision to end things shouldn't be so abrupt. If you've put this much time and effort and energy into it, it's likely you could put a little more time, effort, and energy into it and work on improving your relationship. Not only that, but you may realize you didn't want to end it. And if you end things before you realize that, you'll have caused irreparable damage to your relationship.

Instead of jumping to a breakup, spend some time with your partner talking about how the two of you can make it work, together.

3. There Is Depth In Long-Term Love

Ending your relationship might seem like the only thing that makes sense when things are rough. But the truth is, by not ending your relationship right now at this hard time, you'll just make your love stronger.

It may not seem like it right now, but there is a silver lining in everything you are going through. If you and your partner can get through this, there's no limit to the things you'll be able to work through in the future. Don't give up too soon.

4. Someone New Won't Fulfill You

Although right now, during the hard time, you may be wondering if there is someone better out there for you, the probability of that is pretty low — especially if you've already been with someone (your current partner) who you feel like is your true soulmate.

You may be toying with the idea of a new person because it feels so hard with your current partner, but the truth is, someone new will only keep you happy for a short time. A lot of times, the problems we experience in relationships are reflections of ourselves, so it's not unlikely that you'll have the exact same problems with another person. And with them, you won't have the history and love built up like you do with your current partner. So instead of looking for something new, look to improve what you already have.

5. Love Is A Decision

At the end of the day, love is a decision you have to make again and again. Although we all have this very romantic idea of falling in love with one person and having it last forever, it takes work. For some couples, it might not be hard work, but it is the decision to get up and love your partner every day.

One of the best reasons to stay with the person you love is because, well, you love them! The arguments and fights and hard times don't make your relationship; your love does. And it's very likely you'll be happier in the long-term if you decide to stay.

Although relationships aren't always rainbows and sunshine like we would like them to be, there are many wonderful features to them that make them worth fighting for. So if you think you've really found “the one,” don't let a hard time in your relationship be what defines it. Instead, work on it to build an even better relationship with the one you love in the future.

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