4 Reasons Why You Should Find Your Significant Other In College

by Kim Christina

It's been a long four(ish) years at your university, and you've come a long way.

You've dated many characters, from smart ones to fun ones to ones who don't even go to your school to the temporary high school relapse victims. You've given the wrong people second (or third) chances, and you've let some of the good ones get away.

You don't have any regrets. But, with your college career coming to an end, you can't help but wonder how your friends will graduate Summa Cum Long-Term Relationship while you're just graduating with a 4.ever-alone GPA.

But, who cares? Your 20s are a fun time to be single and make mistakes and join the Peace Corps and sit in coffee shops while drinking tea and blame things on Netflix.

Or maybe, you're ready for the real world and want that job in corporate America that involves tall buildings and suits.

One day, the elevator will get stuck on your way to a meeting, and there, your future companion will be. You'll be stuck in there for hours, forced to talk and share the stick of gum in your purse, until 2.5 hours later, you realize he is the one. Let your romantic comedy of a life begin.

However, it's cuffing season. Sweater weather is predicted in the forecast, and your thoughts of possibly dying alone are rolling in from the Northeastern winds.

How is it that all of your friends have somehow managed to find their soul mates in college, and all you've done is find incompetent mates? Now, don't get me wrong; graduating single is NOT a problem.

Rather, it is more a piece to help you become a bit more open to the idea of finding a suitor in college.

You may have your whole life to date and find Mr. or Ms. Right, but it's not a bad idea to find the right one right now, while you're in college:

It's Hard to Get to the Top, But It's Even Harder Staying on Top

What unites you and the girl who annoyingly answers all the questions in discussion and the frat guy who comes to class late and the girl who conspicuously reads the New York Times on her computer during lecture? Among many things, it's the fact that you all got into college and you're still there.

Everyone at your school is different, but the thing that relates you to the person sitting next to you in lecture is the application process you two went through. You guys excelled in high school, involved yourselves in extracurricular activities and kept up your grades.

The best part is, you've both stayed in college rather than failed out. Staying in college and completing your education is an accomplishment, and every person who graduates with you has that common work ethic.

To me, things like commitment, hard work and values are necessary in a significant other, in contrast to the trivialities of a pair of good jeans or a pair of good genes.

When you're in college, almost every person already has these necessary traits; whereas, in the real world, it can be harder to tell. At least if you meet someone in college, on his or her way to graduation, you'll be able to check off "hard worker" from your list since it's a given.

Everyone Has Different Interests

Maybe you grew up on a farm in a small town that had a population of 40. Or, maybe you grew up in West Hollywood. In any case, you came into college with thousands of strangers who know and do a lot of different things.

From Quidditch teams to global medical brigades to competing dance teams, college made you realize you are not as unique as you thought. With that, you were introduced to people who had similar and different interests as you, and they're all terribly passionate about their hobbies.

Sure, outside of college, you can find someone who is passionate about music and attends every music festival. But, if you find that person in college, you'll know he or she enjoys music AND getting a higher education.

In college, your interests will expand as you meet new people, and you'll find friends and companions who will share your unspoken love for Justin Bieber or Korean dramas. The great thing about finding these people and connecting on this level is the fact that they will still share that underlying factor of a good work ethic and high regard for school.

Where else will you find the nation's top collegiate athlete who is also incredibly politically active on campus? Where else will you find a guy who is passionate about current events, as well as the Coachella 2015 lineup?

Where else will you find a girl who goes to raves, but parties just enough to attend her voluntary lab research? Where else will you find the guy who goes to Outside Lands because he landed early acceptance to Harvard grad school? Think about it.

Financial Stability is Sexy

I'm not saying everyone who graduates from college is automatically financially stable, nor am I saying that everyone who doesn't go to college is poor.

However, statistically speaking, those who graduate from college have a better chance of becoming financially stable.

I don't know about you, but I enjoy the idea of making money and having a roof over my head. But, that's just me.

Can't I Date After I Graduate?

Of course you can. There are plenty of other places to find significant others after college: work, bars, coffee shops, clubs, arranged marriage ceremonies.

It is possible to find a significant other after college. But, after you graduate, your Olympic-sized pool of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will shrink and shrink until you're sitting cross-legged in a kiddie pool and someone just peed.

You don't have to find your lifelong companion in college; obviously, timing is very important. But, don't be so quick to throw away a relationship because you're picky, impatient and ignorant.

Sure, there are options outside of your college bubble, but don't be afraid to explore within that stupid bubble. Almost every person in your college already has a great work ethic and is passionate about something.

If you're looking for a guy who listens to the same music as you, wouldn't you want a guy who is also working toward a degree rather than one whose man bun enticed you at a concert?

I think it's better to look for someone who can balance school and fun, not someone who can balance a plate on the pile of dishes in his parents' kitchen.