Marija Kovac

5 Reasons To Always Date The Optimistic Guy

Contrary to what every '90s-era teenage rom-com led you to believe, the brooding, moody guy doesn't always turn out to be Prince Charming. Sure, he might be mysterious and complicated, but when we're talking about your love life, who wants that?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to romantic interests. But if we're talking about what type of guy makes for a good boyfriend, we're squarely on the side of the dude who is upbeat and — most important — positive.

Yes, we're talking about The Optimistic Guy.

You know the type: He wakes up in the morning excited to take on the day, never gets annoyed when the coffee shop line moves at a snail's pace, and approaches life and love from a rare perspective of positivity.

He may not be the intriguing bad boy that certain movies might have taught you to covet, but trust us on this: He's so, so much better.

Don't get us wrong — no one is perfect (nope, not even The Optimistic Guy) and every relationship is guaranteed to have its challenges. But there's something to be said for surrounding yourself with people whose mindsets you strive to emulate. And if you're someone who seeks positivity, good energy, and a refreshing perspective, you'll never go wrong by seeking out a partner who personifies these qualities every day.

Here are five reasons to date The Optimistic Guy.

1. He'll lend some perspective when you're freaking out.

Whether you're losing it over stress at your job or a seemingly never-ending apartment search, confiding in (aka venting to) your boyfriend is a must.

And instead of joining you in your downward spiral of anxiety, a positive dude will help you step back, zoom out, and gain some much-needed perspective to realize that whatever situation you're up against probably isn't the end of the world.

2. He'll get really excited about even your smallest wins.

There's something amazing about dating a guy who is genuinely happy when good things happen to you, even if those things might appear insignificant to other people. And if your boo is an optimist, you can expect the same infectious positivity from him in ALL aspects of your life.

So even if the only reason you're jumping for joy is that the barista finally aced the spelling of your name, don't be surprised if your guy starts jumping right along with you.

3. He won't hold grudges.

No matter how great you guys get along, you're bound to get into a disagreement (or two, or three…) at some point in your relationship. And when that happens, an optimistic boyfriend is way more likely to get past it pretty quickly — because choosing to see the good in life usually goes hand in hand with choosing NOT to dwell on the bad.

4. He'll make the best of awkward relationship moments.

You know those moments you dread when you first start dating someone? Like, when you have to have that, “Soooo are we seeing other people?” talk, or when you run into your ex while out on a hot date? Yeah, we're breaking out in hives just thinking about them.

But when you're dating an optimistic guy, he won't make you feel weirder than you already do in these trying times. And chances are, his positive outlook will mean he's able to laugh off these uncomfortable moments and not make a big deal out of things that, at the end of the day, aren't really that big of a deal.

5. He'll make even the most tedious tasks fun.

One of the best parts of having an optimistic boyfriend is that it'll automatically make everything that you do together more fun, even if it's the most boring stuff imaginable.

Whether you're packing up endless boxes to prepare for moving day (gross) or waiting in line at the drugstore for a prescription (snooze), a happy-go-lucky guy is sure to keep you laughing and lift your spirits even in the midst of the mundane.