22 Completely Logical Reasons You Should Date A Guy Who's Going Grey

by Gigi Engle

There's something decidedly enticing about a man with grey hair. The salt-and-pepper look adds an allure -- a sexiness that comes with maturity and experience.

Some men feel uncomfortable with their premature greying, but they have no reason to because, even if they were afraid of looking older, they pull it off and look good enough to eat. Women shouldn’t look at grey hair as a flaw, but as a bonus.

A young man with some silvery tresses should be a turn on.

A silver fox simply gives off an air of manliness and stability; he looks like he could ravage you and then make you a juicy steak. He’s the best of both worlds: He reflects maturity, but with all the youthful energy of a younger man — a man with a sense of adventure whom also values security.

Get yourself out the door and go trap yourself a silver fox because the man with grey hair is going to be a fabulous boyfriend.

Here are 22 perfectly logical reasons you should date a man with grey hair:

1. He's more mature.

He has the look of a mature, seasoned man without actually being old. A man with grey hair has knowledge of the world.

He doesn’t act petty or petulant like some of the other guys you’re used to dating. He’s a grown up and you deserve to be with a mature adult.

2. He'll be a good father.

There’s just something about a silver fox that makes a woman think he’d be a good dad. It might be the ripened look or it could be he reminds us of our own dads. Either way, you’ll want to procreate with the guy who's rocking the grey look.

3. There's something really sexy about salt and pepper.

A silver fox oozes sex appeal. The worldly sexiness gives off a vibe screaming of sophistication.

4. He's had a lot of life experience.

His greying hair reflects his bountiful experience. He looks like he’s been through some sh*t and has come out slightly weathered, but definitely still gorgeous.

A woman should look for a man who's really lived his life — a man who's taken chances and come out stronger on the other side.

5. He's wise and thoughtful.

A silver fox is a wise man — very logical and soulful. He reads a lot of books and gives great advice. Other men respect him and go to him for guidance.

6. He's a man; not a boy.

He's not a boy. He isn’t the type of man who's lazy or doesn’t know what he wants. He has goals and has a clear picture for his future — and maybe for yours, too.

7. He looks like he knows his way around the female body.

Since he’s an experienced man, it’s safe to say he probably knows his way around a woman’s body. A silver fox is a master of sex, and we are not going to complain about that.

8. Silver is always more classic than gold.

He’s a classic, and his grey hair intensifies that. Silver is forever, whereas gold is just tacky.

Like a Burberry watch, your silver fox will never go out of style.

9. Because George Clooney.

10. He's slow and steady.

He is a fighter and knows what he wants, but he is also very logical and reasonable. He makes the perfect match for a woman with a fiery personality because he can be her foundation, her anchor.

He’s a solid man who has solid relationships.

11. He’s not too concerned with fitting in.

If he were so self-conscious about his grey hair, he could always dye it. But he isn’t concerned with the opinions of others because he knows who he is.

He doesn’t feel the need to cover himself up to fit in with other guys his age. He embraces his silver hair the way he embraces life.

12. He looks like a goddamn president.

If you try to tell me there isn’t something sexy AF about being the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, you're a f*cking liar.

The silver fox takes on the likeness of a young Bill Clinton -- wow... did it just get really hot in here?

13. He won't leave you to try and "find himself."

He won’t leave you unexpectedly to travel the world and find himself because he already knows who he is.

He's already found himself. He’s ready to build something real.

14. You know what he's going to look like in 20 years.

A great thing about a guy who starts greying early is you get a unique window into the future. You get to see if he’s going to be a DILF — pretty important information to have.

15. He looks great in a suit.

A grey-haired man in a suit is one of the sexiest things you can behold.

As I said before, he looks like a goddamn president!

16. He looks like the most interesting man in the world.

Dos Equis was spot on with its selection of a dapper silver fox to represent "The Most Interesting Man In The World." Grey hair and a well-tailored suit just scream interesting.

17. He probably has loads of good stories.

And tells them in such a way you'll be enraptured completely. Possibly the most important quality you need to have in a healthy relationship is good conversation, and you don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t have stories.

Stories are the lifeblood of a happy, fruitful life.

18. He makes you feel better about your random grey hairs.

You never have to feel self-conscious when a few of your own grey hairs start to pop up. You might be rushing to the salon to get them masked, but he wouldn’t mind either way.

19. You never feel like you look all that old.

You get to be the youthful one in the relationship, which can be fun. You don’t have to worry how you’re aging because he’s aging, too.

Most of the time, men just get sexier with age — so it’s better to have a guy who has an accelerated timeline.

20. Because it looks cooler with tattoos.

It’s a juxtaposition of the most seductive variety. Maturity meets mayhem; stability meets sensuality.

A guy who can rock a sleeve and grey hair? Yes, please.

21. It adds a little mystery.

It makes you wonder about him... what his story is... what kind of life he’s had.

He’s cool, calm and collected and it can bring a woman to her knees.

22. Because he makes you feel safe.

Your silver-fox boyfriend can make you feel safe both physically and emotionally. He’s mature and understanding, so you never fear getting hurt.

He knows what he wants. He also has a kind of James Bond sex appeal where you know a robber on the street wouldn’t stand a chance against your man.