A Real Man Doesn't Ignore His Woman, But Reminds Her Of His Love

by Paul Hudson

It’s easy to understand why people believe others to be so mysterious. We have a difficult enough time understanding ourselves -- so it's really no surprise we find other people to be intricate riddles.

People may be silly, clumsy, lazy and, sometimes, even foolish, but the decisions we make are conclusions of our logical reasoning.

We could all do incredible things with our lives if we spent more time understanding and dissecting all the information available to us.

While men seem to be more "straightforward," girls aren’t enigmas, either. They aren’t insane or irrational. They aren’t any more of a mystery than any other person.

Most men have such trouble understanding women because they can’t seem to understand what women believe to be most important.

Either that or they just don’t take the time to understand what the woman they’re dating needs. If it isn’t already obvious: Not all women want or need the same things. Men all have their personal preferences, too.

Although, there is one thing all women need from their partners. It’s really the only thing anyone ever needs from their partners.

You could even go as far as calling it a “guaranteed way of making it work.” And the best part is it’s an incredibly simple formula.

But why need a formula in the first place? Why have to play all these mind games and whatnot? That answer is even simpler: It's what love is all about.

Hell, that’s what life is all about. You do and say things, and those things affect other people -- it’s just the way the world works.

Most people don’t bother to put enough thought into trying to understand the outcome of their actions.

The things you do and say to your girlfriend have an effect on her. She will interpret the things you do and say in her own manner.

The way she interprets those things will cause her to react in a certain way. Everything is linked; most of us just don’t want to see the connections.

What women want from a relationship is incredibly simple: They want love and all those little bits and pieces they understand love to be. Again, how each woman wants to be loved will vary, and it’s your job to figure out how it's done.

Generally speaking, when it comes to the way women -- all people, really -- experience love, there are two separate parts to the formula. Firstly, like anyone, women want to be loved. They want to feel loved. But that isn’t all they want.

Women don’t just want to be loved. If that were the answer, men would never have any trouble winning the heart of a woman.

Women don’t just want a man who loves them. Women want to be a part of a loving relationship. In other words, they want to be in love.

And how do we know we're in love? When we feel in love. This is where men have it really good: Women are capable of loving more deeply.

Women have a deeper understanding of love, which -- lucky for us, guys -- makes it rather easy for us to keep a woman happy.

The trick is understanding what makes a woman feel loved, and then giving it to her, so she doesn't just feel loved; she feels in love.

Romantic love is nothing more than an incredibly intense feeling of wanting. The most common piece of advice I hear men telling other men when it comes to dating women is this: "Ignore her, and she will want you more."

This may work at the beginning of a relationship as a means of sparking an initial interest, but it doesn’t work once you two develop love for each other.

Once the love is already there, ignoring your partner will only teach her you don't want her, and you're fine with ignoring her.

Ignoring her will only push her away, teaching her how to get by without you as a part of her life. If you ignore and play these sorts of emotional games out of spite, you'll lose. You’ll both lose.

Instead, what you should do to keep the flame burning is remind your partner, and each other, why you love each other. You have to remind her why she wants you, needs you, can’t live without you. She needs to remind you of the same.

You don't get there by ignoring her; you get there by making her feel like she is the luckiest women to have ever walked the face of the earth. And you should feel like the luckiest man.

Women want to be loved, but they also want romance. They want fire. They want the intense feeling we all love so very much.

But we all want to love more than we want to be loved. If you don’t believe me, then let me ask you this: Which feels better, being loved or being in love?

Thought so.

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