Cohabitation 101: 7 Signs You're Ready To Shack Up With Your SO

Moving in together is scary.

Not only is it a huge responsibility, but it's taking that next step in your relationship.

You know what they say, first comes buying a waffle iron together, then matrimony.

Despite what anyone else says, it's a sign your relationship is obviously going somewhere, and the two of you are mature enough for what comes next.

Here are seven ways you can tell if you are ready to take this step:

1. You'll know you're ready to move in together if the two of you talk about it.

Having the conversation is a fun and exciting moment in your lives.

But, you're not really talking about all the details yet.

You're talking about the compatibility and how you want to wake up next to each other every day, which is totally romantic.

2. You'll know you're ready to move in together when you understand the dynamics of your relationship.

You may still have some growing to do together, but you understand what each of your roles are in the relationship well enough to see how you function together.

He's the kind who washes the dishes right after dinner.

You're the kind he knows will always hang a clean towel up for him in the bathroom.

Whatever your dynamic, you each know what you're good at around the house, and you cater to each other just because you want to.

3. You'll know you're ready to move in together when you have talking sessions instead of arguments.

Fighting is unavoidable in a relationship.

However, if your relationship is based upon analyzing every detail and fighting for the last word rather than compromise, you're bound to have a horrible time living within the same walls.

4. You'll know you're ready to move in together when you can settle disputes fairly.

You view disagreements as a way to talk about your viewpoints equally, and you're both focused on fixing what's wrong together for the sake of your relationship.

5. You'll know you're ready to move in together when you both can handle the rent.

Life happens, and both of you know how to prepare for the time your car breaks down, your college loan payment is due or you have a late fee on your credit card.

Broken bones, emergencies and car breakdowns are a natural part of life, and they happen when you least expect it.

But, you both know what you can afford and what you can't, and you understand that unless it's a dire situation, you won't be bleeding the other person's bank account dry because you were unprepared.

6. You'll know you're ready to move in together when you can clearly picture your lives together.

You want him to be the father of your children.

He wants you to be the person who stands by him through all of life's tough and enjoyable moments.

You talk about getting engaged, getting married and picked out at least a name of your first child.

7. You'll know you're ready to move in together when it just feels right.

Just like every other milestone, you'll know you're ready to sign the application when the timing feels right.

There is no planning for it.

There is no particular logical reason behind it.

All you know is that you both are ready for this next step in commitment, and you're happy about it.

Deciding to move in together can be scary, but it can also be the greatest decisions you'll ever make.

There's nothing quite as exciting as deciding to start your lives together.