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Which Taylor Swift Song Will Your Breakup Be Like? (Quiz)

I'm the first person to admit I wouldn't be friends with Taylor Swift, but I love the girl's music. As a writer, I have to appreciate her lyrics. She is a master storyteller who knows how to craft words into beautifully relatable songs.

Because that really is the best part of her music, right? The relatability. You close your eyes and listen to "Back to December" and you can see yourself regretting dumping that nice guy three years ago. You sing along to "Bad Blood" with a little more passion than you would any other song because you know what it's like to have been crossed by a friend who used to be dear to you.

There's a little Taylor out there for every one of us. She tells the stories of our greatest loves and heartbreaks.

But, as we all know, heartbreak is a two-way street. There's the type of heartbreak you feel after someone crosses you ... and then there's the kind you feel when you're the one who did the crossing.

Take this quiz and find out what kind of T.Swift-style heartbreaker you would be.