What's Your Love Life Going To Be Like In 2017? (Quiz)

by Candice Jalili


OK, well maybe it's just the same old you doing the same old stuff (read: not working out, spending more money than you have and half-assing it at work).

But will your love life at least be a little different?! (And by different, I mean literally anything other than anything that went down in 2016.)

You could wait and see what happens like a peasant living in colonial times, OR you could take this ~super cool~ quiz and have the computer tell you exactly how your love life is going to pan out like the cool, internet-savvy millennial you are.

I mean, now you can figure out exactly what sort of love is coming your way this year and start prepping!

Let's say you're going to be playing the field. Time to download one million dating apps!

Are you going to be spending your 2017 focusing on yourself? Time to watch "Eat, Pray, Love" and start hitting the yoga studio.

Is "love life" going to be more of a loose term used to describe an endless series of drunk hookups and cringe-worthy text messages? Time to invest in some going out clothes (and maybe one of those apps that won't let you send drunk texts).

Planning on taking your relationship to the next level with your already-serious boyfriend? Time to start booking wedding venues!

Or maybe your love life is just going to stay the same, complicated mess. That's OK, too! Time to buckle up and brace yourself for what's about to be a long ride.

No matter where your love life could POSSIBLY be going, take this quiz!

First of all, it's fun and a really good way to procrastinate from doing literally whatever else it is you're doing right this minute.

Second of all, I KNOW you're already wondering what's going to happen.

So let's begin, shall we?