What Should Your Signature Look Be After Your Next Breakup? (Quiz)


The masses are claiming that Angelina Jolie doesn't look like "herself" since her breakup with Brad Pitt.

Tell me something I don't know, babes! Why the fuck would she ever look like herself when she's going through a major life change?

Breakups are like hitting a reset button on your entire life. And what better way to restart your life than by embodying a new look? At least while you're going through the thick of a dark, tormenting breakup.

Plus, I think your breakup look can be chic, whether you have a massive, dramatic "breakover" or a ~low-key~ "breakunder."

But when we're in a breakup, we're often lost, vulnerable kittens just searching for someone to tell us what to do. This is where your lesbian big sister (me) comes in.

I'm here to help you find the perfect #breakupchic style that will help you feel better and take control of that gorgeous life of yours. So I proudly present to you, a quiz to help you figure out your breakup look.

Will you be a gorgeous, glamorous, goddess clad in gold, stumbling in and out of taxis? Or will you be a the kind of low-key chic girl who wears expensive leggings and black out sunnies whilst clutching a massive latte?

Or maybe you will be really scandalous and wear kinky things like knee-high socks and bright red lipstick (because you are now single, babes).

Maybe you need a dramatic hair change. Maybe you need a to wear all black to express your post-breakup depression.

Regardless, this quiz will give you a surefire, definitive look to help you heal. Because fashion has always been and will always be, the unsung great healer of the cruel, cold world.

So let's use fashion to help you deal with your feelings of despair, honey.