The Point And The Problem

Have you ever wondered why you've struck out or have not found yourself in a favorable position for a relationship? There are two elements to this situation: the Point and the Problem. These two are the deciding factors in a young man's dating career. The Point

The point directly applies to who you are as a person. Let's assume you're a good-looking individual with great qualities. You're not the guy who hits on 1000 girls at a time. You're a humble fellow. All of that is supposed to attract the opposite sex, right.

But it doesn't. Girls in this day and age tend to lean towards the outrageously wild, YOLO-wielding chumps who don't know how to treat them right. Females are missing the point here.

You're a good guy and their current lovers are no competition against your favorable qualities, but they don't seem to see things our way. That leads us to The Problem.

The Problem

Nowadays, girls ignore the good guys to favor the super muscular, uncultured guy who tweets 200 times a day. That's a huge problem. They're missing out on a great opportunity to date good people. However, good guys like us get relegated to the friend zone. Not a good place to be.

It's like that computer folder that you don't bother looking at until you really need something from it or you just so happen to stumble upon it. Simply put, we're overlooked and only valued as friends.

This occurs every second of everyday. Many are too afraid to say anything. It's time for things to change and put some ladies on blast for the negligence to the Good and Just Gentleman.

Jamiel Sale | Elite.