The Truth Behind Playing Hard To Get


Playing hard to get: does it really work? If you don’t want to know the answer right away, skip this paragraph. This question could be asked from anyone who is 10 years old to someone who is 30, and maybe even older!

There is no clear, exact answer for this question though. That is because it is both yes and no. Playing hard to get can either go well or not go well, and the outcome relies on the other person. It has its advantages and disadvantages, and I am going to try and decipher them.

I’ve seen it happen multiple times and I am sure everyone else has as well. When two people start seeing each other more than casual friends do, they start to develop a strong liking for the other person. And more than likely, the more experienced person will play hard to get, causing the other person a lot of worry.

They will do things like wait a while to respond to a call or text, always seem busy, not even reply sometimes -- and many more. It depends on the person whom they are leading on, whether or not they feel like they want to chase them or not.

Playing hard to get either turns people on or completely shuts them off. I’ll admit I have fallen for the hard to get girls a couple times but after that you seem to notice it’s a little immature in the big picture. I have also seen friends still fall for them and simply just can’t help it because they like the other person so much.

There are some aspects to playing hard to get that are good though. Spending too much time too fast with someone is a guaranteed way to get sick of him or her. It does take time, but you don’t need to act like you’re the King of Norway and are busy all the time -- that's what turns some people off. A little separation is always good for people.

One of the major downsides of playing hard to get is the impact it has on the other person. If you really like someone and that person plays this game with you, it is like a roller coaster of emotions.

There are some people out there that think that just because someone does not respond to a text within 10 minutes or they are sometimes busy, that they don’t like them, and they end up being hard on themselves. Sometimes, that can even affect their everyday life, if they think about that person all day it takes away from what they have to do for themselves.

Overall I think playing hard to get is something we should have left behind in High School. I’m not saying everything about it is bad; in fact, some of the things that take place are good.

If you find someone that still plays hard to get, my advice would be to just let them be until they mature. I have noticed that the people who play hard to get are in fact a little more immature than the average person. And with society going the way it is going, I don’t think playing hard to get will ever die, just push itself further into life, causing more immaturity.

Jack Peter Corrao | Elite.