How To Pick Up Any Girl Using Just A Calculator

Let's face it, women can be intimidating. Asking a woman out is a terrifying process in which your likelihood of rejection is pretty high up there.

If you're too forward, it's creepy, and if you're too shy, it's a turn-off. We're picky creatures. Trust me, I understand.

In my experience, the best way to ask a woman out is usually to be kind, genuine and funny (good looks help, too, but personality is 90 percent of the battle).

Don't have the funny part down? We can help you. All you need is a calculator (or the app on your phone) and a little confidence.

Start by asking for her area code. This is the only information you'll need her to tell you. Then, hand her your phone or have her pull out her own, and tell her to open up the calculator app. Walk her through the series of equations detailed in this video.

Hopefully, that worked, and maybe it'll help quash any anxiety you may have about approaching the next hot girl you see -- and if she still doesn't want to go out with you, well, we can't help you there.

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