Is Your Phone Ruining Your Sex Life?

How many times have you and your man been lying in bed with your phones attached to your hands and eyes, not interacting with each other? It seems normal when that happens.

Sometimes, I find myself not even realizing that there’s silence in a room because all of us are on our phones. This is a part of our generation, but is this damaging your sex life?

Research conducted by stated that 40 percent of people who own a computer/smart phone say they have computer related relationship issues. Their biggest complaint was, of course, that their partner is too plugged in at all times.

I could definitely see how this could become a problem. Especially if your significant other is trying to speak to you and you’re too busy updating your twitter.

Have you noticed your phone getting in the way of certain aspects of your relationship before?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images