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Pete Davidson & Phoebe Dynevor's Astrological Compatibility Is Red Hot

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Phoebe Dynevor is rumored to be getting a very special birthday visitor when she turns 26 later this month, in the form of her reported boo Pete Davidson. The two have reportedly been dating since March, and despite the long distance (Dynevor is in England and Davidson's in New York City), they've been keeping things going via text and FaceTime. They might not seem like the most obvious celebrity couple at first, but when you take a closer look at Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor's astrological compatibility, it makes perfect sense why they'd be burning for each other.

Dynevor was born April 17, 1995, under the sign of Aries, and Davidson’s birthday is Nov. 16, 1993, which makes him a Scorpio. And if you're familiar with these signs, you know this connection is an especially spicy one.

When Scorpio and Aries come together, it can be either a battle or a ballet of big powerful personalities. Both are a force in their own right, driven by passion, aggression, and a deep desire for a partnership built on love, loyalty, and adventure. Aries is a fire sign and Scorpio is water, but rather than dousing the flames, these two tend to get very steamy. They burn hot and bright, but whether or not this love can stand the test of time all comes down to if they fan the flames of emotional and mental connection as much as they fuel the fire of their physical one. Here's what we can surmise about Dynevor and Davidson's dynamic based on their astrological compatibility.

The sexual chemistry is intense between Aries and Scorpio.


Aries and Scorpio have the kind of chemistry that's simply undeniable. Aries sees mysterious Scorpio as a riddle to be solved and Scorpio's turned on by being the one who's pursued for once. Both signs are very physical with healthy libidos, so when they meet the attraction's palpable. But since both signs are very accustomed to being the powerhouse in relationships, it's important to find a balance or take turns being the one in control. That's true both in and out of the bedroom.

Arguments between these two can be fiery.

While Aries and Scorpio's passionate connection can be one of their greatest strengths in a partnership, it can also become one of their trickiest issues, especially when they aren't putting in the effort to fight fairly. Both of these signs are quick-tempered, so arguments can easily escalate into fights. Aries doesn't have a filter, so they can say hurtful things when they're just intending to be honest. For a sensitive water sign like Scorpio, words can cut deep, so they're quick to go on defense, first by lashing out and then shutting down. As a result, these two must learn the skills to fight fairly, take a breath before they say something they will regret, and keep an open mind about their partner's perspective. The one upside is the makeup sex between an Aries and Scorpio is epic.

They need to be careful when it comes to jealousy.

Aries and Scorpio do have one more stumbling block they need to be very careful about, and that's jealousy. Both signs put a very high value on loyalty. When someone has their hearts, they're extremely loyal and the first person to have their partners back. They'll defend them fiercely and they expect the same in return. They also have big possessive streaks and can tend toward becoming very jealous if they think someone's pursuing their partner or, worse, that their partner may be betraying their trust. Once trust is broken, it's hard for either Aries or Scorpio to forgive and forget, and instead they become increasingly suspicious. Because of this, it's important that both Aries and Scorpio consider their partner's feelings and never play jealousy games.

They encourage each other to grow.

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Perhaps the best thing about an Aries and Scorpio relationship is how they each encourage one another to grow. Scorpio's a water sign, which means they're very tapped into a deep well of emotions. They think with their heart and love hard. Aries operates from their gut on an instinctual level, but isn't always as in touch with their emotional side, which is something that Scorpio can help them discover and develop. In return, bold Aries can help secretive Scorpio to open up and be more honest about what they're feeling, thinking, and need. As a result, they can get those needs met. When Aries and Scorpio open their hearts and minds to one another, there's nothing they can't achieve together.

While it's still early days for the reported romance between Dynevor and Davidson, one thing's for sure: they have the makings for a passionate and exciting romance, at least according to the stars.