Pete Davidson's biggest dating dealbreaker makes a ton of sense.

Pete Davidson's Number 1 Dating Dealbreaker Makes So Much Sense

Wonder if Kim K knows about this...

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The man, the myth, the legend... Pete Davidson is well-known for his dating skills. Say what you want, but the Saturday Night Live star has an impressive track record when it comes to dating incredibly successful women. And it’s not just his big d*ck energy that gets people talking — though that’s definitely part of it. (Thanks, Ariana!) According to Davidson himself, he actually has a pretty foolproof system when it comes to dating and relationships, including one dealbreaker that he always goes by.

During a November 16 episode of iHeartRadio’s River Cafe Table 4, the Staten Island native explained that he likes to take a similar approach to all of his dates. First things first, Davidson always chooses a delicious restaurant. He explained, per Us Weekly, “If you go to a great restaurant, like, even if I’m a sh*t date, it’s like, at least the food was great.” That’s one way to take off the pressure. He quipped. “So she could be like, ‘Well, he paid and I ate.’” (Something tells me Kim Kardashian had a slightly more glowing review of their date, considering those rumors about them having dinner dates two nights in a row.)

If not a restaurant, Davidson usually opts for a trip to the movies. “A movie is so easy because [at] a movie, you don’t even have to talk,” he added.


During the interview, Davidson also shared his number one dating dealbreaker: being rude to the waitstaff. As someone who used to work in restaurants, Davidson pays close attention to that kind of behavior. And if it happens, Davidson said, “Then immediately, in my head, I’d be like, ‘OK, never [again]. This is it.”

Luckily, it sounds like this particular dealbreaker hasn’t come up in Davidson’s rumored romance with Kardashian. A source told Us on Nov. 10 that “everything flows well” when the duo is together — so safe to assume that they’re both perfectly polite to their waiters. I, for one, would happily wait on Kete’s table...