Relationships — Having A Pet Will Always Be More Fulfilling Than Having An SO
by Kelley Lord

People have long since discovered that a relationship with your pet is way better than any relationship you could ever have.

With people, you have to have similar interests in order to get along. With pets, you know they will like what you like.

They'll watch any rom com, they'll stay in with you forever and they won't fuck your best friend!

You can make your pet the same meal every day for $2.95, and they will be eternally grateful. They'll eat that shit up and think it's the best food of their lives. And after a long night out with your girls, they'll act like they haven't seen you in 100 years the second you walk through the door.

You try to pull that shit with your boyfriend, and he will leave you.

Pets are just more comfortable to cuddle with. They have fur, they know what you like and they usually don't try to hump you when you're too tired.

OK, back off, PETA. We're obviously not condoning sex with your pet. But you have to admit, it's a plus that you can tell a pet to come whenever you want. If you asked your partner to do that, they would definitely get pissed.

After dating someone for a long time, the relationship can get lazy.

But if you want to go on walk, you don't need to motivate your dog. The mere mention of a possible date gets them going. They'll go wherever you want them to, whenever you want them to.

Basically, if you want to completely control someone else in your life, you should just get a pet because doing that shit to a human just isn't healthy.

Pets can't leave, and they don't even want to. If I had a guy running after me all day, licking my ankles and all, I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. But with a cute little fur ball, how could I say no?!

The biggest difference between being in a relationship and having a pet is pets don't talk back, and that's why people love them. They can't give you snarky comments on a double date, and let's thank God for that one.

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