12 Signs Your Relationship Has Reached The Ultimate Level Of Comfort

For most women, all relationships start out very similarly.

In the beginning, you basically aim to be a modern-day Millennial Stepford Wife.

You eat salad on all of your dates, pretend you don't have normal bodily functions and even wear makeup to bed because, yes, you want bae to think you do in fact wake up looking this damn flawless every day.

But once you spend a couple months together, the comfort level kicks up and you no longer feel the need to be on your best behavior because you can rest assured bae loves you, flaws and all.

Yep, this is the part where you turn into one of those couples who doesn't mind doing seriously gross things in front of each other.

Whipser, the app that lets you expose your secrets to the world via anonymous messages, recently asked a bunch of people to dish out the details on how they know their relationships reached peak comfort level.

From popping each other's pimples and sharing toothbrushes to having all-out farting contests, these couples prove true love has zero boundaries.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some secrets from couples who reached the ultimate comfort level.

We don't mind swapping snacks...even if they're covered in spit.

This takes nose picking to the next level.

When it comes to popping pimples, she always has my back.

Who needs two toothbrushes?

I'm always down for a burping contest with bae.

Instead of sending steamy texts, we talk about farts.

She's the master of manscaping.

Relationship comfort level: expert.

We're not afraid to tell each other about our business.

He licks my face like a giant puppy dog.

He knows more about periods than I do.

We satisfy ourselves...together.

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