Most People Are Totally Down To Date A Stoner, According To This New Study

It comes as no surprise why most people would love to date a stoner. We're easy-going, easy to please and we laugh at your jokes easily. Basically, we're easy breezy.

According to a new study conducted and released by the controversial dating website, What', three out of five singles agree, saying they would gladly date a stoner.

After surveying 32,974 members on the site, the study found online daters in Cleveland, Ohio, are the most likely to date someone who smokes weed, surprisingly, with 95 percent saying they're down.

Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, less than half of online daters would consider dating a pothead. Tough luck for the rich and famous.

As you might have guessed, the younger you are, the more likely you are to be accepting of the stoner lifestyle. While 58 percent of Millennials said they'd date a pothead, only 43 percent of old people (70-plus) said they'd do the same.

Also unsurprising, Orthodox Christians are the least accepting of stoners (c'mon, we're not all heathens!). On the flip side, agnostic -- aka, non-religious -- singles are all about dating stoners, with nearly 70 percent saying they'd love to go out with a weed junkie.

Lucky for us, the site put all its findings in a nifty infographic to help us sort out where we should be snagging dates.

What's Your Price

While it's hard to know exactly what this means in a broader context, considering most of these participants are paying for dates, it does help confirm what we already know to be true: Weed-smoking people are the best kind of people.