14 People Confess What It's Actually Like To Date A Narcissist (Photos)


Falling in love with a narcissist is a lot like waking up with a tapeworm that causes you to lose vital nutrients, but the tapeworm is kind of charming and very manipulative, so you elect to keep it around and sacrifice your own well-being.

Many men and women have found themselves in this kind of relationship with human parasites.

Draining romantic situations like these can seem impossible to escape, despite the struggle.

What are the signs you're being taken advantage of by a human tapeworm?

Your tapeworm refuses to make it official.

Your tapeworm makes you question your instincts.

Your tapeworm always makes you the bad guy.

Your tapeworm steals all focus.

Your tapeworm is controlling.

Your tapeworm lives in an alternate reality.

Your tapeworm puts up a great front.

Your tapeworm tries to break your will.

Your tapeworm is unfaithful.

Your tapeworm makes you feel insufficient.

Your tapeworm has you do all the work.

Your tapeworm makes it difficult to remember an easier way of life.

Your tapeworm is excessively demanding.

Human tapeworms can make their hosts feel debilitated, but they only account for 6.2 percent of the general population.

Those of us who find ourselves mid-relationship with a self-obsessed manipulator can find strength in the remaining 93.8 percent looking to direct their focus somewhere other than themselves.

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