People's Stories Of Times They Were Blindsided By A Breakup


Getting dumped always sucks, but when you didn't see it coming, it sucks just a tad bit more.

It's the whole feeling of knowing you're in love and thinking you're totally in sync with someone as your other half, and then realizing they're on a completely different page.

It's all the pain of a breakup, highlighted by all the embarrassment that comes along with feeling like an idiot.

Simply put, it's the worst.

Here, eight different people share the stories of the times they were blindsided by breakups. And trust me, between the guy who broke up with his girlfriend just four days before her birthday and the girl who got dumped by her boyfriend mid-sex, they're all insane:

He never let her know how he really felt about her guy friend.

— Kelly*, 26

He dumped her while they were banging.

He dumped her four days before her birthday.

— Lee*, 24

She alienated him from the family with just a note.

He suddenly became "unsure."

— Brooke*, 23

He had a pretty awkward slip up.

She dumped him after a fun visit.

— Drew, 24

He told her he loved her the night before.

How NUTS were all of those stories? Comment your thoughts on them below!

*Names have been changed.