People Think Pennywise From 'It' Is Dating The Babadook And TBH, They're Not Wrong

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Another day, another gay icon is born. Not long ago, the Babadook was reintroduced to the world as none other than the gay icon we all never knew we wanted or needed. And now, the Babadook need not walk this cold world alone any longer. Why is that? Well, OBVIOUSLY, it's because the Babadook has found love in the form of another horror film character: Pennywise from It. Yes, apparently, Pennywise from It is dating the Babadook. Love wins, people.

Now, how do we know Pennywise and the Babadook are definitely a thing? Technically, we don't. But the internet said so, and we all know the internet never lies about anything, so yeah, this is definitely real. If you haven't heard all the hype about It (who are you? what have you been doing? how can I escape?), let me give you a brief rundown. The movie It recently hit theaters, and it's an adaptation of the horror novel by our scary lord and savior Stephen King. In the film, Pennywise is a f*cking scary ass clown that Stephen King literally pulled right out of my nightmares. Basically, he lures kids into the sewer, and considering this is a horror film, you can guess what happens after that.

(Um, excuse Tumblr users for having fun and trying to create joy in this cruel world?)

ANYWAY, like I said, not long ago, the Babadook was the LGBT community's biggest icon, after someone realized Netflix had accidentally (or not accidentally — Netflix, you know what the people want) placed The Babadook movie in the LGBT section. The thing is, no one complained. In the true spirit of acceptance that the LGBT community embodies literally always, we all embraced the Babadook with open arms as a true gay savior.

So I assume because we're all suckers for a good love story, the internet is having an absolute field day with the fact that Pennywise and the Babadook are the latest couple goals to which we all must aspire now.


OK, this guy has a point. DEMON CLOWNS CAN LOVE WHOMEVER THEY WANT. But Pennywise and the Babadook are still gay and dating.

The Kardashians better watch out for this one.

OK, you guys, while a lot of people on the internet are having tons of fun with Pennywise and the Babadook being True Gay Icons, the other half of the internet brings up some good points about why Pennywise being the new gay icon is potentially problematic. And I will say, as passionate as I am about the Babadook finding love and about pointing at every fictional character I love and calling it queer because they just Are and I don't make The Rules, I do see the problem here.

I don't know if we've discussed this yet (though, the internet certainly has), but spoiler alert: A male clown isn't Pennywise's true form, first and foremost. It's actually a female spider. Second, PENNYWISE LITERALLY KILLS KIDS, PEOPLE. PENNYWISE KILLED A GAY MAN. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's fun; I'm just saying that these are things we should think about before we make a killer clown the most exalted gay around. And like I said, I'm not the only one who's pumping the breaks on giving Pennywise the Best Gay award (which I just made up myself, thank you).

Some people on Twitter are a little bit uneasy about this, too:

OK, but this is the real reason Pennywise being a gay icon is questionable.

But at the end of the day, let's all remember the internet is a place to have fun, you guys. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?

Also, after Pennywise is done with his moment in the spotlight, we must all make room for the new independent, BAD AF lesbian icon, ANNABELLE.

Well, you heard it here first, folks: All of your favorite horror characters are definitely gay. And what a wonderful feeling that is. Here's hoping the Babadook, Pennywise, and Annabelle bind together to form the greatest Gay Horror Film Coalition of all time.

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