The Pain Of Being The Broken Girl When Your Ex Is Completely Put Together

by Alexa Mellardo

If you ended things with the love of your life, there's a part of you that may feel forever broken inside.

Whether someone cheated, one person fell out of love with the other or you were both going down opposite paths in your lives, breakups can shatter you to pieces.

The end of a relationship has the ability to take the best version of yourself, and hide it in a place even YOU won't be able to seek out for a long time.

You're in a super fragile state, while figuring out if your world will ever be the same. Your love life has turned into a total tragedy.

​Maja Topcagic​

What cuts even deeper post-breakup is when your ex moves on, or seems like he's loving life without you on social media.

When you find out the news he has another girlfriend, it never hurts any less. He's obviously put back together, while you're feeling like there's no glue in the world that will be able to fix your broken pieces.

Here are 10 reasons why the broken girl can't move on, even though her ex already has.

1. She hopes she can fix things between them.


It's the hope that keeps her going. It's the slightest bit of light in the tunnel of darkness that encompasses her.

2. She may have low self-esteem.

The split made it even worse.

3. She never forgets how comfortable she was with him.

It doesn't help that she keeps dwelling on all of their beautiful memories and endless inside jokes.

4. She cannot see beyond her relationship with him.

Her vision is clouded, and she doesn't think she will meet anyone like him again.

5. She lost a part of herself when they broke up.

Evgenij Yulkin

The fear of never recovering from the relationship is all too real. She surrendered to it.

6. She can't let go of someone who is so familiar.

She knows him like the back of her hand, and he once felt the same way, too.

7. Watching him with his new love interests cuts like the sharpest knife.

She can't let go, even though he already has. The thought that she may still love him, but cannot have him, is unbearable.

8. She's obsessed with what they had together.

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She's addicted, but needs to cut the memories loose.

9. She makes no effort to move on and meet someone new.

What's the point when your heart and mind are somewhere else?

10. She keeps looking at their pictures.

She never deleted them off of her phone, and they're just daily reminders of what she doesn't have anymore.

The broken girl needs time to heal, and that's OK. Everyone recovers from a breakup at a different pace.

When it comes down to it, the girl who's broken shouldn't close herself off to love forever. Who knows, maybe she'll rekindle the romance with her ex someday. But for now, she's only missing out if she doesn't put herself back out there and meet different people.

He has moved on, and she owes it to herself to do the same.