50 Things Your BF Does That You Constantly Overanalyze

Darren Star Productions

Do you want your relationship to last? Here's a tip: Tell your brain to STFU.

I mean, obviously, it's easy for your brain to get carried away with overthinking everything when you really, really like someone.

Furthermore, you like them so you want to make sure things keep going well between you two. So then, your brain starts to become hyperaware of any and all things that could possibly indicate things not going as well as they were before and you overthink yourself into oblivion.

Before you know it, you're literally driving yourself absolutely INSANE trying to figure out all of the possible reasons why he didn't text you "goodnight," like he usually does. (It clearly can't just be that he was tired and forgot. This OBVIOUSLY means something is wrong.)

But unfortunately, "insane" you isn't the same you he fell for. And BOOM, your overthinking stood in the way of your own chance at love.

Take it from me, a chronic over-thinker. No good comes from letting your brain ramble on, but here are 50 things we all let it ramble on about anyway:

1. Why he texted you "hi" versus "hiii."

2. Why he didn't text you "goodnight."

3. Why he texted instead of calling.

4. Why he didn't want to come to girls' night with you and your friends last night.

5. Why he didn't answer your phone call.

6. Why he took over an hour to respond to your text

7. Why he didn't make the plans for tonight.

8. Why he won't pick a restaurant.

9. Why he let you pay when you offered to pay.

10. Why he drunk texted you at 2 am.

11. Why he didn't drunk text you at 2 am.

12. Why he liked his ex's profile picture.

13. Why he didn't invite you to his cousin's wedding.

14. Why he did invite you to his cousin's wedding.

15. Why he bailed on your date last minute.

16. Why he bailed on your date a couple of days in advance.

17. Why he opened your Snapchat without responding.

18. Why he only responded to your Snapchat with "lol."

19. Why he responded to your Snapchat using Messenger, instead of texting you a response.

20. Why he texted you a response to your Snapchat instead of using Messenger.

21. Why he's best friends with that girl on Snapchat.

22. Why he got a text from the girl he kissed once in seventh grade.

23. Why he doesn't feel like having sex tonight.

24. Why he can't get hard.

25. Why he won't go down on you tonight.

26. Why he wanted to have a boys' night tonight.

27. Why your text to him didn't say delivered.

28. Why he hasn't asked you to marry him.

29. Why he has asked you to marry him.

30. Why he hasn't asked you to move in with him.

31. Why he has asked you to move in with him.

32. Why he spends more time with his friends than he spends with you.

33. Why he spends more time with you than his does with his friends.

34. Why he won't make you a spare key to his apartment.

35. Why "Pornhub" was in his recent Google searches.

36. Why he won't tell you how many people he's slept with.

37. Why he's slept with so many people.

38. Why he wants to know how many people you've slept with.

39. Why he didn't text you all day today.

40. Why he spends so much time with his family.

41. Why he doesn't spend enough time with his family.

42. Why his mom doesn't seem to like you that much.

43. Why his mom seems to like you a little too much.

44. Why he drinks so much.

45. Why he doesn't drink enough.

46. Why he told you to "swing by" his friend's party instead of formally inviting you.

47. Why he wants to do a group costume with his friends instead of a couples' costume with you this Halloween.

48. Why he wants to do a couples' costume with you instead of a group costume with his friends this Halloween.

49. Why he texted you with a period instead of an exclamation point.

50. Why he can't just read your mind and do literally everything right.