5 Reasons You Don't Have Time For The 'Let's Hang' Text Anymore

So, you’ve been messaging with him here and there. It's no big deal.

Or, at least that’s what you want him to think.

A quick "Hey," a couple of inside joke memes and a row of emojis later, and you’ve established yourself as one of his top five frequently used contacts.

Text life is good.

Before long, you’re beyond the "getting to know you" stage, and you're approaching the "selfie on the daily" phase.

You no longer worry about response time or mixing alcohol with messaging.

As the days pass, you think there’s got to be more to this than casual convo.

Witty banter turns to a little sexty texty, and then you’re hit with the all-too-familiar “Let’s hang” text.

It means "Let’s chill," "Let’s vibe" and "Let’s get it the f*ck on."

You check the time.

It's 11:11 pm, and you know exactly what wish he’s making.

At the click of a button, you just went from potential life partner to booty call babe.

Forget the prospect of a first date or all the excitement that comes with it.

Here are five reasons why the “Let’s hang” text is so done:

1. "The Bachelor" is back, and so is our faith in finding true love.

Ben Higgins is back and looking better than ever on "The Bachelor."

ABC's two-hour reality competition show continues to restore our belief in the existence of true love.

Although many doubt the means to finding a life partner on the show, it allows both participants and viewers the opportunity to blend fantasy with reality.

While this season promises to be a full on drama-fest, the first episode revealed Ben to be an all-around good guy.


As an engaged conversationalist with the willingness to play along with every over-the-top arrival, he seems to be a catch.

He also gives women across the country hope that finding true love is possible when it comes to their own personal lives.

So, not only will Monday night hookups be out of the question, but you’ll be pressing pause until you find a date who's comparable to Ben.

2. Baby, it’s cold outside.

No one wants to walk the walk of shame in negative-degree weather.

In the likelihood that you lose rock, paper, scissors, to determine whose place you’ll continue playing at, we both know that boy will not be accompanying you back on the way home.

So, ladies, do yourself a favor and bundle up under the comfort of your favorite blanket with a warm beverage of your choosing.

3. It's time to Netflix and chill.

It’s 11 pm; do you know where your makeup brushes are?

Hell no, you don’t.

You’ve already removed what was left of your day face, wiped your cheeks clean and gone through your entire evening skincare routine.

It's as if you’re about to take on round two when you know he’s not up for that challenge.

Now you can go on a Netflix binge and actually follow the storyline.

There's no need to worry about shaving your legs, wearing your good undies or taking it easy with the munchies.

Get your real chill on.

4. You have the bestie kind of girl power.

It’s an Amy thing.

The originals are Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

The ones who DGAF are Amy Schumer and JLaw.

What woman needs a man when she can take over the world like a boss with her bestie?

Take a note from these dynamic duos and spread the girl power in your own way.

Connect with your bestie and make headlines in your own community. Get creative, give back and most of all, go big or go home.

 5. We're so over getting ghosted.

So, you officially answered the “Let’s hang” text.

You hung out, he really hung out and now you two are back to text life.

A couple more friendly sessions, and he’s never to be heard from again. Just like that.

At first, he at least has the decency to spend time coming up with an excuse.

Then, the blinking ellipses in your text conversation turns to just blank space.

You promise yourself you’ll just wait it out.

But two days pass, and then three.

You think, "What’s the harm in just checking in?"

No response.

Let’s get real: This is a kick to your confidence, a perpetual cycle of questioning your self-worth and a struggle to achieve closure.

What’s worse is right about now, he’s probably hanging out with another woman.

So as we head into the year, let's transition from a hook-up to hang-up culture.