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Katy Legit Asked Orlando To Undress Her At A Concert To Help Her Sing

The video could not be any cuter.

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Have you ever pulled on a pair of Spanx and realized — perhaps a little too late — that they’re too snug for you to breathe? Yeah, Katy Perry knows the feeling, too. In a relatable(ish) moment, Perry’s corset — or her “girdle,” as she charmingly called it — was a smidge too tight at Variety’s “Power of Women” event on Thursday, Sept. 30. Fortunately, her fiancé was ready to come to her rescue. Yes, Orlando Bloom took off Katy Perry’s shapewear so she could really belt out her music. And women everywhere (particularly those in the audience that evening!) applaud him.

While getting ready to perform a gorgeous rendition of her newest single, “What Makes a Woman,” Perry — who was sporting a poufy purple dress — summoned her beau to the stage. “Hello? Orlando, can you undo my corset?” she said into the microphone. “It’s a little tight, I can’t sing.”

Bloom quickly jumped into action, loosening the zipper on Perry’s dress. “Pull it all the way down, I have a girdle in here!” she said. “All the way down. OK, now I can, now I can breathe!”

Bloom then planted a gentle kiss on her shoulder before making his way off the stage to plenty of claps and giggles. “My hero!” Perry said.

Perry was being honored at the Variety event for her work with the Firework Foundation, the nonprofit she founded “to empower children from underserved communities by igniting their inner light through the arts.”

In addition to calling him her hero, Perry also described Bloom as “an incredible father, an example to our greatest gift ever, our daughter Daisy — a future powerful woman.”

“Lest we forget, behind every great woman, there is a great man,” Perry said. “To my beloved partner and constant iron sharpener, whether I like it or not, Orlando, a man that is a friend and an ally to women all around the world. Thank you for handling the insanity of my life with such loving grace.”

Perry and Bloom have been an item since 2016. They got engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2019, and the two welcomed their first daughter together in August 2020, naming her Daisy Dove Bloom.

Their relationship has long been viewed as #CouplesGoals by fans, and their precious exchange at the Variety event only fanned the flames.

“This is so cute I’m crying but can he undo my corset next 😢,” one tweet read. Another said, “[The] lil kiss on the back of her shoulder knock it offffff.”

These two just keep getting more adorable.

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