For Now Vs. Forever: 10 Differences Between A One-Time Girl And The One

by Dan Scotti

Dating is a process.

For the majority of us, it's a slow process, too; one that's marked by seemingly as many errors as trials.

As time passes by, however, you gain experience -- and with this experience, the whole process becomes a little easier.

You'll begin to fully understand what qualities you like in another person, and you'll truly start to figure out what kind of person it is you're looking for.

And sometimes this type of person might be difficult to find.

I mean, if we all were able to hone in on our "perfect match," without coming across a few lemons in the process, there wouldn't be the need to "date" at all.

You could just pick a girl from across the bar and live happily ever after.

But that's not very realistic. Having said that, when you do come across a potential perfect match -- or "the one" -- she will almost always feel different.

You'll feel different. And you'll know, almost instantaneously.

Here's how.

1. The one teaches you things; the one-time never learns.

You'll always find yourself eager to learn from and share new perspectives with the one.

You'll be overcome with this seemingly constant fascination with her -- but not in the creepy way -- simply out of interest.

With a woman you'll spend maybe one night with, you'll always keep her at bay and never feel the urge to divulge much past the surface.

2. The one isn't easy to spot; the one-time is always in the same spot.

They say, “When you stop looking for love, that's when you find it.”

She won't be easy to spot, and you won't necessarily even be looking for her, but you'll just feel differently when you do find her.

With the one-time girl, you'll get the sense you're just going through the motions... as usual.

3. The one is like no one you've ever met before; the one-time is like every other girl.

The one will make you want to do things for her you've never had the urge to do for another person before.

You look at her differently, treat her with extra care and recognize how fragile your time with her might be.

The one-time girl, you really don't pay much mind to, outside of what's in front of your nose.

4. The one is for deep connections; the one-time doesn't know how to connect.

Although connections, in a relationship sense, are a bit clichéd -- there's no mistaking the chemistry felt between yourself and a woman who's going to stick around a little while.

With a one-time chick, you'll find yourself pulling teeth from a conversational sense, and you'll constantly find yourself trying to “get comfortable” with her.

5. The one makes you think about your future; the one-time is already in your past.

You'll feel a difference in the way you think about her when she's the one. You'll find yourself starting to think about the future -- and you know you want her there with you.

6. The one makes you want to stay, the one- time is wondering where you went.

With a woman you really don't intend on pursuing past the first night, the morning after will almost always be spent figuring out a way to leave -- as quickly as possible.

With the one, on the other hand, you'll almost always find yourself lingering in bed with her for as long as possible.

When problems arise, you're never first to run -- you simply won't feel... whole... until they're resolved.

7. The one makes you want to change; the one-time leaves no impact

The one should change you -- and for the better, at that. She should make you want to be a better man for her, which will make you a better person in general -- and you can see her fingerprints all over.

The one-time chick, on the other hand, rarely makes you question your current method of doing things.

8. The one could break your heart; the one-time assumes you don't have one

When dealing with intense emotions, there will be peaks and troughs -- and you'll be best suited if you prepared for both from the get go.

The one could end up being the one to break your heart, but this is only because the stakes are higher with her; you're more invested.

This type of upper echelon feeling would never come into play with a one-time thing.

9. The one doesn't care about winning; the one-time only plays games

Games are fun when you're looking to play, but they also come with uncertainty.

When you're dealing with the one, you'll soon find yourself trying to avoid the games you once loved playing at all costs.

When it's real, you'll start looking for security rather than thrill.

10. The one is hard to figure out; the one-time doesn't need figuring out.

The one might be complex; in fact, I think you'll want her to be.

Unlike the woman who might lie next to you for one night, you want to be together with the one for the long haul.