Why The Definition Of Soulmate Doesn't Always Include 'Forever'

by Jordan Lueder

Soulmates automatically come along with the expectation that they will be in your life forever.

This “soulmate” is the one individual who was meant for you.

But what happens when you feel a person is truly meant for you, but he or she suddenly starts to drift from your life? That person, who was once your soulmate, is no longer yours.

Is it time to find a new one? Or maybe you should just give up entirely, since you have already lost the one?

I had to say goodbye to the boy I truly believed was my one and only soulmate. I know it was the right thing to do, despite the ongoing notion I had that we were meant to be together forever.

Even after multiple breakups and ruthless arguments, I thought we would make it work. Eventually, this image started fading.

I wondered why.

I tried so hard to hold on to it.

My grip wasn’t tight enough, and neither was his. We both saw our love fleeing away from us, and I don’t think anything we could’ve done would have stopped it.

Sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

I think once I realized this, it was easier to let go. I no longer felt it was my duty to save our relationship.

I just had to trust that what I was feeling was a sign that something needed to change.

There is something bigger out there for the both of us.

We did not last. Does this mean we were not truly meant to be?

I don’t think this is truly how soulmates work. A soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be forever.

I have come across many other souls that have felt like they were meant for me: best friends, boyfriends, temporary lovers and even strangers, who I’ve felt a strong pull toward at the most random, crucial times of my life.

Many of these temporary people intertwined with my own soul so perfectly, it’s hard to believe they are long gone and out of my life now.

Maybe the distance is only temporary. Maybe our souls will meet again.

For now, I accept they are no longer with me, and take what I can from the moments we had together.

A soulmate is someone who will change you in ways that will last forever.

He or she gives you these tight feelings in your stomach. This person will go through the hard times and the best of times with you.

The person will teach you how to love, be honest and open and be more comfortable with another being.

That’s what makes it so hard to recognize this person may not be in your life forever.

That’s why it’s so hard to let go, even though there are so many signs, obstacles and circumstances that tell you to do just that.

I fell for one of my soulmates so quickly and completely when I first met him. I felt a pull in my heart once I saw that grin of his.

I knew he was meant to be in my life, and he would change me into the person I was destined to be.

I just failed to recognize that sometimes people who are meant to be in your life aren’t always meant to be there forever.

But it's a lesson I have now learned.