When She Becomes Yours: 10 Signs There's No You And I, Only Us

by Zareh Zurabyan

How do you know when you truly like someone?

It is when others look or seem less attractive to you, when her sneeze is annoying to others, but is cute to you, or the way she puts her feet under your legs to keep them warm when you're cuddled up watching a movie on the couch.

That's the moment I like to call "when she becomes yours." How does another person become "yours"?

1. When there are millions of inside jokes that only you two understand, and for some reason, these jokes never stop. Instead, they get funnier by each day, morphing into new ones.

2. When your day starts and ends with her, not forcefully, but naturally. Not physically, not even by texting or talking on the phone, but simply the fact that you think of her when you go to bed, and when you wake up. Your feelings for her don't even give you the desire to look at anyone else, but her.

3. When her silly faces are more attractive to you than any other supermodel's professional picture.

4. When you feel close to her even when she's not next to you in person.

5. When she can turn you on by saying something very non-sexual on the phone, or through texts by the way she says it, or the essence of what she was saying makes you realize why you like her so much.

6. When the thought of her calms you. When you lose faith in humanity, she is the "safety." You think of her and remind yourself that people like her still exist.

7. When the good times that you share with your boys are so much fun that you want her to be part of it, too, and you worry how you're going to balance that.

The best part is that there is no need for balance because if she's truly yours, she should know she will never replace your boys. Of course, if your boys are your true friends, they will support your relationship.

8. When she sings next to you without any restrictions, even though the birds die within a 5-mile radius.

9. When you realize that you like her for her imperfections, and that other girls' imperfections, are just.. well, that is why you're not with them, and you're with her. Her imperfections are sexy, interesting, captivating and entertaining.

10. When you courageously opened up your insecurities and vulnerabilities to her, and she didn't make fun of you.

When someone becomes yours, there are no problems or arguments; there are only discussions. There is no need to explain the love, you just feel it. When someone becomes yours, their worries, sadness and happiness all become yours.

When someone is yours, the joy that comes with sharing the positive results of life becomes even more enigmatic.

When someone becomes yours, there is no you and I; it's us. We present ourselves to the world together. Dynamics change, and our love for each other grows. We don't need to say anything; we understand. We don't need to understand anything; we can just feel.

When someone is yours, you are that someone's; you can never feel lonely ever again.

If you filter down to the basic human emotions of care and love, unpolluted by the modern thought process and societal expectations, feeling close to someone is the most rewarding sense in the world; it gives meaning to your life.

Open your heart; open your mind. Embrace each other, and let the world unfold in front of you.