5 News Year's Resolutions For Sagittarians Who Refuse To Be Single In 2017

I've dated several Sagittarius men through, all of whom still hold a special place in my Taurus heart.

Being an earth sign, the fire and passion of the Sag has always drawn me in and made me feel appreciated and loved.

There are many positive aspects to pairing with a Sag: They are full of surprises, express affection openly and are generous, loving partners. They also aren't afraid to fight for what they think is right, and are driven to succeed.

Despite these positive traits, dating a Sagittarius can also be heartbreaking and stressful when negative Sagittarian traits surface.

If you're in a relationship with a Sag that's suffering, or you're a Sag looking to improve your connection with your partner (or start one at all), consider these five New Year's resolutions that might help your love life get back on track.

Here's to Sagittarians finding someone and keeping someone in 2017.

1. Be on time.

While I'm sure there are exceptions, every Sagittarius I have ever known struggles to be on time for important things, like work, social engagements and doctors' appointments.

For the Sagittarius, it's easy to get distracted and become absorbed by the moment. So much so that they lose track of time and simply forget they need to be somewhere until they're already running far behind schedule.

When I was in a relationship with a Sag, this left me feeling unsupported, annoyed and taken for granted.

It doesn't matter how sorry you are or how seemingly rational your lateness may be — the outcome is the same. You prioritize yourself and your needs over the time and feelings of others when you are chronically late.

Try setting reminders for yourself in your phone or giving yourself a cushion of 30 minutes when planning dates. You can even try free apps like CalAlarm to keep better track of your schedule and appointments.

Trust me, your partner will be overjoyed!

2. Get your finances in order.

Sagittarians are naturally impulsive and enjoy spending money on friends, family and significant others.

While it's lovely to be taken out on an extravagant date or go on an impromptu vacation, it's also important to feel like your partner is financially responsible.

If things get serious, you need to be trusted to share a bank account.

It's totally possible to have fun and buy nice things for those you love while still planning for the future.

Set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account to your savings account and promise yourself and your partner that you won't touch your savings unless it's an emergency.

Also start thinking about retirement.

While you naturally love the thrill of gambling, your future financial security is not something to toy around with. Consider enrolling in a 401K program at work, or investing in a Gold IRA, anchored by the value of gold instead of unpredictable markets.

3. Show your commitment.

Sagittarians aren't necessarily commitment-phobic. They do enjoy commitment once they feel ready; however, the period during which Sagittarians decide if they want to take things to the next level can feel very long to other signs.

While an ideal partner for a Sagittarius would be understanding of this need to be "sure,” it's important for Sagittarians to show their dedication to the relationship in the meantime to help their partner feel secure.

If you've been dating the same person monogamously for a long time, your intentions might be confusing in the relationship. Put aside your fears and start a conversation about how you feel and where you think things are headed.

Let your SO know if you see marriage in your future, and discuss what it might take for you to feel comfortable with that level of commitment and intimacy.

While tying yourself to one person may terrify you, losing someone you care about because you are scared to take the next step should, too.

4. Think before you act.

Spontaneity is likely one of the things your partner loves most about you, and they wouldn't change it for the world.

There is a time and a place for being unpredictable, however, and when someone is counting on you to be there, you have to learn to put aside your transient nature and be a source of stability.

When an opportunity or activity presents itself, consider the impact it might have on your partner and your life together, not just how it affects you.

Don't accept that transfer at work immediately without talking it over. Don't accept an invitation to dinner if you aren't sure whether you have plans that night.

Don't try to whisk us away on an adventure to make us feel better when all we want is a hug, and certainly don't lose your temper in public (unless you're defending our honor).

It's not always about you and what you want.

5. Let down your boundaries.

Sagittarians deeply value their alone time, and can be fiercely private even with those they are closest to.

While personal time is necessary for your sign to feel balanced, you can be more open about what you do when you're alone, what you're thinking about and what you're feeling.

At the very least, explain to your partner why your alone time is so sacred, and why it's important to have if you want to maintain a healthy bond.

Be honest and understanding of their fear that your need for solitude is a reflection of your love for them.

Even a secure partner can be vulnerable and doubt themselves sometimes, and letting your SO know you enjoy both your time with them and your time alone actually may bring you closer together.

It's about to be a new year, and 2017 brings with it the possibility for a better connection with those you hold closest.

Sagittarians can be amazing lovers, thrill-seeking best friends and committed, strong partners.

Their fiery nature, however, can also trouble their relationships and leave their partner feeling unappreciated and disconnected.

Consider these five resolutions for the new year to strengthen and deepen your relationships as a Sagittarius.