He May Be A Psychopath: Why You Shouldn't Date A Guy Who Takes Selfies

By Ashley Fern

You're walking to work; you pass by an iconic building in your city — what's your initial reaction? Is it to take a selfie?

Well congratulations, you and probably a good chunk of the rest of younger society would react in that exact same manner.

Do you think this is normal? Or healthy?

I'm sure the thought never crossed your mind because everyone is doing it.

Despite the seemingly innocent trend that is sweeping our nation did you know selfies are correlated with insecurity, entitlement, OCD and narcissistic tendencies, just to name a few?

Did you know selfies correlate with superficial obsessions that result in unrealistic expectations, which lead to further anxiety?

Do you think I just pulled this out of my ass to mock your terrible social media habits? Maybe, but good thing I've got science, experts and tons of research on my side.

I bet you thought it was cute your boyfriend sent you selfie after selfie, thinking his adoration was something to be embraced — but think again because research has proven men who take selfies have more psychopathic tendencies than the average male. Well that sh*t just got real awkward, real quickly.

So if science wasn't enough to change your mind, check out all of the other convincing reasons you shouldn't date someone who takes more selfies than you do.

1. He's selfie-centered

It doesn't matter what mood you're in because, rest assured, this man will still be taking selfie after selfie.

2. He likes looking at himself more than you

The awkward moment when you've just told a five-minute story, and your man has been staring at his phone the entire time.

Thanks for that confidence boost...

3. He measures his self-worth by other people's likes

Since when did self-approval go out the window? You know you have issues when you're relying on the validation from others.

4. Because every other conversation is about social media

Good luck talking about substantial matters and things people actually care about — this guy is only fixated on the social aspect of his life, and sadly, that takes place on the Internet.

5. He follows people he doesn't know more than he listens to you

Uh, what? How does this even make sense? I'm not sure what type of alternate universe this is, but I certainly don't think anyone else wants to be a part of it.

6. He treats you like an accessory

Wondering if this guy actually picked you for the right reasons is a frequent thought that crosses your mind, unfortunately.

That's a pretty sad realization and a big sign you need to get the F out of dodge.

7. He only sees life through a lens

And sadly, that's the only way they see you too...

8. He lives life with a constant filter

Life should not be altered with Valencia! It should be #NoFilter and no paparazzi every time you try to hang out.

9. He'd rather take pictures than live in the moment

It's totally fine to be a fan of photos; heck, I do it all the time, but to not experience your present setting for even a moment is just plain sad.

10. He's only concerned with what's on the surface

Don't these people realize it's whats on the inside that matters? I guess their interior doesn't match their exterior, or they wouldn't be so selfie-centered.

11. He spends more time staring at his screen than at you

Why bother even showering if your date isn't even going to look up at you?

Hmm, maybe this doesn't sound like too bad of an arrangement.

12. You'll never get more attention than his phone

Even when you offer sex on the table, this guy can't be distracted.

I'm really not sure what more you can do since nudity typically solves everything.

13. He has a whole world of Internet friends you know nothing about

Except that they all also spend their time taking incessant selfies, and honestly, that's all you need to know.

14. His life exists solely on the Internet

...While your life takes place here on earth... with everyone else.

15. He goes out to be seen and documented

Isn't the whole point of going out to enjoy yourself? Sure, taking pictures is fun, but if that's your motivation for leaving your home, it's time to get it together.

16. The moments you share are never private

This can get way too awkward, way too fast.

17. He always takes you out of the moment by trying to take a selfie

While you're trying to ignore their odd tendencies, they are spending their time trying to drag you into their world.

18. He's wasted so much time in his life looking for the right angles

If you have to try that many times, then maybe you should just give up.

19. Everything he does is superficial

That's just not a good look on anybody, especially the person you're dating.

20. Your relationship will always be better on Instagram

It may look like you're having the time of your lives, but that's not reality.

21. He's never looking good for you; it's always for someone else

Their only motivation for looking flawless is the fact that they're rushing to upload a selfie. Too bad they don't care this much about their appearance when you're around.

22. He cares more about likes from strangers than your love

Cue the lyrics to the song "Shot to your heart..."

23. He never measures up in person

He's showing up to dinner without that Valencia filter, #awkward.

24. He can only face the world from his point of view

That'll be really efficient when it comes to petty arguments.

25. His life is constrained by borders

Isn't the whole point of having a partner in life to also have a travel partner?

26. He wants to control how you see him

Take your guard down and bring your filters with you! There's no room for those type of smokescreens in a relationship.

27. He never gets it right on the first try

If they have to ask if you finished, that's your problem right there... no there... no there... ha, I crack myself up.

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