This Teen's Boyfriend Is Literally All Of Us Trying To Spell Because Words Are Hard

by Candice Jalili

Everybody has that one word that's, you know, difficult to spell for them. And that's probably why a tweet in which 18-year-old Neve McGuinness' boyfriend tries to spell "croissant" went totally viral. BECAUSE WE CAN ALL RELATE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO SPELL FOR THE LIFE OF US.

Like, for me, the word I can't spell is absolutely, without a doubt, "guarantee." I had to look that up on Google before I spelled it correctly here. I'm telling you, that stray "u" along with the random "a" in there in the middle is freaking mind boggling to me.

Another time, I went to visit my friend Annie in Chicago, and we were texting rapidly about me potentially missing my flight when she asked, "Did you make it to the cisco?" HOW THE F WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT "CISCO" WAS?

Well, in case you were wondering, "cisco" was meant to be "kiosk." She just really couldn't figure out how to spell it.

You get the picture. Spelling is hard for all of us... be especially for Neve' boyfriend Lee. See him fail miserably for yourself:

Basically, Lee first failed miserably by spelling "croissant" like so: "couissoiunt." Then, he tried to spell it out like it sounds to him... and he came up with "qwas aren't." Needless to say, people on Twitter freaking loved the hilarious screenshot.

Her friends can't get over her newfound Twitter fame.

Except for Neve herself, who says it's "not even that funny."

But, don't worry, her bae Lee was quickly there to defend his hilarious mistake.

People could really relate to her Lee, in fact.

It even started reminding them of their own past misspelling nightmares.

People were genuinely interested in the way he chose to spell the word out phonetically.

I mean, say "qwas aren't" out loud and tell me if that sounds like "croissant" to you.

The tweet literally gave this girl the gift of the best day of her entire life.

All right, now, no more being embarrassed when you make a typo in that email to your boss' boss today. Remember this tweet and just know EVERYBODY MISSPELLS WORDS SOMETIMES. IT'S HUMAN NATURE, AND WORDS ARE HARD. Get over it.

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