You're Not Alone: A Whopping 64 Percent Of Millennials Are Single

by Gillian Fuller

Single? Don't sweat it; you're not alone.

According to a recent Gallup poll, the majority of Millennials are flyin' solo.

A nationwide survey of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 found the marriage rate and the percentage of young adults in domestic relationships are steadily declining.

The survey showed 64 percent of Millennials reported being single in 2014, and that number is up 12 percent from 2004.

Interestingly, this shift toward singledom remains fairly consistent among all demographics. There are only a few percentage differences.

Southerners, for instance, are just nine percent more likely to be single than they were 10 years ago while those who live in the Midwest are 16 percent more likely to be without a partner these days.

It should be noted, however, the fact that 64 percent of respondents reported being unmarried and not living with a partner does not mean all of these respondents are truly single. Some could be in committed relationships but, for whatever reason, choose to live separate from their partners.

A more detailed, conclusive survey would be useful to more accurately pinpoint Millennials' relationship patterns and how they've changed over the past decade.

The bottom line is this: If you're single, rest assured there are plenty of other singles out there to choose from. So run free, little dumplings, and date your hearts out.

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