Lukas Korynta

21 Millennials On Their Greatest Fears When It Comes To Falling In Love


I asked some friends, co-workers, family and others this question: What do you fear most when you're falling in love? Realizing you're falling in love with somebody is exciting, and the questions we often ask ourselves as we're falling are completely normal.

But what happens when those questions begin to more closely resemble feelings of fear? What happens when we dwell too long in the analytical?

You catch yourself clinging to overthought questions and concerns. Sometimes it can be hard to allow yourself the opportunity to fall in love because of what usually is a result of past experiences.

We tend to complicate things unnecessarily and pump the brakes. What should be a very simple feat becomes a risk, and sometimes, our fear prevents us from taking that risk.

Or maybe, we do take the risk. But even those who are the happiest in love still can't help but fear the possibility of it not working out.

So, what are we so afraid of?

Here's what 21 young people had to say:

– Abigail, 26

– Bryan, 26

— Chris, 25

— Kathryn, 25

— Sean, 29

— Jake, 25

— Catherine, 24

— Jose, old, but not yet wise

— Liz, 25

— Ruben, 29

— Steph, 28

— Ryan, 35

— Will, 31

— Ezequiel, 27

— Stevie, 30

— Josh, 27

— Amanda, 33

– Chase, 26

— Katie, 29

— Andrew, 27

— Lori, 32

The author collected responses for this piece through CrowdSource.