This Is Exactly How Your Messy Apartment Is Screwing Up Your Dating Life

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You go out for what was supposed to be a good old fashioned girl's night and end up meeting the guy of your dreams. Your friends love him. He's killing it on the dance floor. And when you talk, it feels like you've known each other for ages. You are ALL ABOUT THIS GUY.

The next day, he invites you out for a first date and you are absolutely stoked. I'm talking-victory-dance-in-the-living-room, send-a-screenshot-to-all-of-your-friends-and-maybe-your-mom, book-a-Dry-Bar-appointment-level excited.

You finally go on the date, and it's fireworks all over again. You're talking about everything there is to talk about, from your families to your pooping habits to your past relationships to your hopes and dreams. ARE YOU IN LOVE?! Maybe.

A few fairytale dates later, and you're finally ready to spend the night at his place. You're excited. You even got a fresh wax for this. But then it happens...

He opens the door, and you are suddenly inundated by the most overwhelmingly pungent smell. It smells like a rotting human corpse mixed with farts and maybe some nacho cheese. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you feel a mouse scurrying around your foot. Before you have a chance to scream, he tells you to please be quiet... his parents are sleeping. Besides, the mouse is just his pet, Ralfie.

You are DONE. Who cares about the fireworks? This guy is filthy!

OK, so that situation was a little extreme. But, it turns out that the way you present your home actually really does have a pretty big effect on the likelihood of your partner sticking around. That's right. Your messy apartment might be the only thing standing between you and that dream guy of yours.

In a recent study, Wayfair asked 2,000 people to tell them about their biggest deal breakers in the home. And the company got some interesting findings out of it. So, before you lose your partner because of your nasty apartment, read through these agreed upon deal breakers and make sure your partners can go back to dumping you for regular things like your bad jokes or weird dance moves.

People are NOT into smelly apartments.

Time to invest in some dryer sheets and candles... and while you're at it, maybe buy some toilet bowl cleaner.

Men and women really agree on what they consider to be deal breakers. A smelly home and a grimy bathroom are the top two deal breakers for both sexes.


Turns out I'm not the only one who hates rodents.

Say bye to your pet mouse.

For the most part, you can rest assured. Almost half of respondents agreed that pets wouldn't be a deal breaker for them. But almost a quarter of respondents agreed that a pet rodent would be a TOTAL deal breaker. And I gotta agree with them.


I know it's financially sensible, but no one's trying to bang you at your mom's house.

Move out of mom and dad's.

Almost 49 percent of respondents agreed that living with your parents is a total deal breaker.


Sorry college freshmen, but living in a dorm was a close second.

I guess if there's one takeaway here, it's this: Don't be gross and be able to afford your own place. Oh, and maybe hold off on adopting that pet rat.

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