Men Reveal What They Think Makes A Woman 'Trashy' And It’s So Offensive

by Sean Abrams

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, and therefore, mine is this: "Trashy" is such a loose term.

Sure, no two women act or carry themselves the same way, but it's extremely hard to define someone as trashy without actually knowing them or their background.

To me, trashy refers to actual piles of garbage. My mind immediately turns to a dark, stretchy Hefty bag, filled with Band-Aids and leftover meatloaf.

When I think of a trashy girl, I think of a girl living her best life. If she's out there partying and doing her thing, you can't judge.

I also think of a girl in a literal trash bag, but in a classy way. Think Lady Gaga circa 2010, when she rolled up to the MTV Video Music Awards in a meat dress. Eleganza at its finest, I tell ya.

But referring to a girl as trashy just for living her life probably means you're overwhelmed by jealousy because of how cool she is.

Now, not all men may agree with my above reasonings.

A handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to express their thoughts on what makes a woman "trashy," and... well, their responses are the actual worst.

Apparently, being trashy means being promiscuous in public.

This guy thinks being trashy is the female equivalent to being a douchebag.

If screaming "YAAAAAS" constitutes as trashy, consider me an actual dumpster.

OK, so hardcore drugs may make you a little trashy, but still, no judgment.

According to this guy, not being able to apply eyeliner will turn you into human trash.

Are you a bad parent? Yep, then I guess you're trashy to this guy.

All of these guys deem tattoos to be a clear indication of trashy.

This guy is apparently an eyebrow expert and thinks overdone brows are the trashiest of trash.

Oh, sure, the spelling of someone's name definitely signals they're trash.

This guy thinks being trashy is more about attitude than looks.

This guy thinks making a personal Facebook status equals trash.

And, well, I guess these men are fashionistas because they're judging you on your outfits.

Like I originally said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

And my opinion is that these men are completely wrong... except for maybe the meth one. Don't do drugs, kids.

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