Men Reveal How Exactly They Want You To Reject Them And They're Definitely Lying

by Jamie LeeLo
Lauren Naefe

If you're a female with a pulse, you've probably experienced an uninvited, unwarranted come-on by a male (or 1,000 males) in your lifetime.

Sure, not all men are assholes, and some of them genuinely may be interested in getting to know you.

But still, if you aren't up for whatever he's putting down, what's the best way to reject him?

Well, history shows that maybe the obvious, easiest move of saying, "No, thank you," has a long tradition of backfiring in women's faces, resulting in unkind words, hate speech or even sexual assault.

So imagine MY surprise when I learned the Reddit users below expressed that their preferred form of rejection is just a clear, straightforward "no."

If you can believe it, here is exactly how guys prefer you reject them (as if women have tried it already):

Ah, guys, if only rejections were actually this easy.

Anything that's direct and unambiguous. "Thanks, but no thank you" is better than "I would, but..." -/u/pleaseholdmybeer
"No thanks I'm not interested" Straight forward and honest but not rudely blunk. "I don't want to mess up our friendship" (or variations) is just a cop-out just say no. Just make it clear you are saying no because you aren't interested, not because of some other excuse, mainly because that could be interpreted as a suggestion the person just waits. -/u/Gnoll_Librarian
"Thanks but I'm not interested." My response would be "That's cool hey have a good rest of your night." Then we go our separate ways. -/u/Cornelius4219

At least these guys who want a hard "no" seem to get that no DOES mean no.

Sorry but I'm not interested. Any guy who expects more than that is just being an asshole. No one is obligated to be into you. -/u/Cant-Find-Username
Direct and honest without insults. I prefer "no thanks, I'm not interested" to any kind of softer or more ambiguous responses. If a guy isn't a dick, they'll accept something along those lines, and be grateful you didn't waste their time. If you go too apologetic, some jerks will take it as a sign that they can guilt you into more. Relying on having a bf (real or not) can be an excuse to try harder as competition. And things like "you're not my type" are vague and still invite further conversation. A firm no, followed by a declaration of non interest means that not only are you giving them a solid answer, but that anyone who pushes further is likely a jerk that you can feel free to get rid of anyway. Myself, I always err on the side of good manners (or did when I was single). Any kind of no, no matter how vague or iffy, meant my presence wasn't welcome and that I should promptly fuck off to other places. So I'd respond with a thanks for your time type of thing and fuck off to other places lol. -/u/southsamurai
"No, thank you. " or" No" If you're not interested in me I shouldn't feel like there's any chance. Make it as clear and concise as possible. We'll both appreciate it. -/u/Demyk7
A blunt but kind "No, I'm seeing someone else" or "No, I'm not looking for anything" is best. If you're not interested then it is better to be direct and up-front about it instead of giving a confusing "polite" response. Then I get to be like "Alright, that's very fair" and move on with my life. I know that not everybody takes rejection well, but it's better for everybody to be answered honestly and directly. -/u/3ryanisland

This guy understands that if women give an inch, guys will take a mile.

Polite but straight forward. Don't waste his time, don't give him a glimmer of hope with a round about answer, and don't be rude. Just sat no thank you. Or thanks but no thank you. Or no thanks, I'm not interested. And leave it at that. Short, straight forward, and not rude. -/u/Mild_pain

Oh, and of course, at least one guy feels like women are just a math equation.

Apparently, we're all the same, and as long as you follow his SPECIFIC GUIDELINES, we will surely say yes. Stevenson123, where are you, Romeo?!

Men who are good with women don't get a straight up no if they ask a girl out. They can tell when a woman is attracted to them, and they know not to ask a girl out until they've spoken to her for at least 10 minutes, during which time they get all the relevant info such as whether she had a boyfriend, what she likes to do, what kind of girl she is, and what her mindset is. And even then, you just get her number and ask her out later, probably after she sees your social media too. So I've never gotten rejected when asking a girl out. I already know whether she's interested or not. Your question seems to imply guys ask women out within seconds or just a couple minutes. That's just not a good strategy because it's unlikely to work. -/u/Stevenson123

Men, we'll keep trying to take your word for it if you keep trying to understand NO means NO.

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