Men Reveal Their Favorite Personality Traits In A Woman And You Already Have Them

Ever wonder if there's one magical trait boys just go crazy for? Well, even if you've never thought of it, I BET YOU'RE WONDERING NOW.

And of course, I come bearing answers for you.

A recent Reddit thread asked men to reveal their biggest "personality wise" turn-ons, and honestly, their answers are pretty freaking generic.

I mean, maybe it's just a girl thing or maybe it's just a writer thing, but a personality trait that's AUTOMATICALLY GOING TO TURN ME ON NO MATTER WHAT? I would probably get pretty freaking specific about that.

But no. Let's just say, these guys are apparently pretty easy to please in the personality department... almost too easy. 

Read along and see for yourself what these guys are most turned on by in a woman's personality:

Be nice.

Be honest.

Elite Daily

Be funny AND nice.

Be bossy.

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 Be smart AND funny.

Be strong.

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Be able to make a sexual joke.

Be nice AND funny AND passionate.

Be ambitious.

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Be a good listener.

Be passionate.

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Be focused AND funny.

Be optimistic.

For the love of God, be funny.

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Be smart.

I know, right? SO boring. Looks like if you're just a... normal human being, that seems to be enough for them.

Anyway, here's a friendly reminder that, yes, a bunch of random dudes are into girls with these random, arbitrary qualities that you definitely already possess.

But being YOURSELF is always, always, always the best thing you can be.