Men Reveal The Subtle Things You Do To ‘Play It Cool’ That Are Super Obvious To Them

by Candice Jalili

Here's the problem with "playing it cool": You never actually look cool.

No matter how good you think you are at it or how successful you've been at actually pulling dudes using your icy-cool method, odds are, nobody is buying into it.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say there's no quicker way to make yourself look uncool than trying to play it cool.

But of course, there's the whole "boys are dumb" factor. Maybe they don't know you're not actually this cool. Maybe you're successfully fooling them!

Well, I've got some unfortunate news for you here, schnuckums: You're not fooling anyone — not even the boys.

A recent Reddit thread asked dudes to share the "subtle" things women do to hide what's actually going on, and, ladies, THEY'RE ONTO US. Read for yourselves below.

When you're wearing a hat because you haven't showered for days, and your hair literally looks like it just got dunked in a grease tank

When you want him to remind you how skinny you are, so you tell him you feel fat

When you can't stop twirling your hair while you're talking to your crush

When you stop in the middle of your fight with him to send a screenshot to your friend and have her help you with a crafty response

When he asks what's wrong, and you give him the old "nothing" response (even though everything is wrong, and he is currently your least favorite person on Earth)

When you're checking out that HOTTIE OVER THERE

When you're trying to hook it for your friend

When you try to get him to buy you drinks

When you try to mask the fact that you just took a giant dump

When you try to pretend like you're not going to the bathroom to plug up the leaking faucet of blood that is your vagina

When you strategically do your ~sexy~ stretches in front of your crush at the gym

OK, so here's a thought: How about we stop pretending and just be real? If your guy likes it, he likes it. If not, SEE YA LATER! BYE.