Men Reveal How We Can Get Clingy Without Even Realizing What We’re Doing

"Clingy" or "creepy" are the worst things you can be in a relationship, next to a "cheater" or a "liar" maybe.

When I think of clingy, I usually think a repulsive mixture of wanting to hang out all the time, with a dash of non-stop texting and MAYBE even a phone call every hour on the hour.

Ooh! And maybe you cry every time he leaves?  Basically, I think of everything the main character did in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

(Do yourself a favor, and if you haven't seen that movie, give it a watch ASAP.)

But it turns out, according to the men of Reddit, there are about a million and one new ways you can be clingy and slightly creepy without even realizing it!

Read along and find out all the many ways guys are getting creeped out without you even realizing it.

Building him up to be greater than he is

Assuming he's always DTF when you are

Saying you want something serious right from the start

Friend-requesting members of his inner circle before you meet them

Blabbing to your friends about his personal life

Touching him without permission

Watching him while he sleeps

Taking an overload of selfies

Stalking him on Facebook

Giving your friends all the dirty deets

Wanting to hang out every night

Obsessing over how much money he does (or doesn't) have

Asking too many questions about his past

Huge thanks to these dudes for the unsolicited advice on how not to be creepy, amiright?! Ladies, keep doing you.