Men Reveal "Girly" Things They Love, Because Anything That Isn't Sports Is "Girly" Apparently

by Candice Jalili

I've never been a big fan of calling things "girly" and "not girly."

My dad is a straight dude, and to be honest, he's my favorite person to do most "girly" things with.

Need someone to get a pedicure with? He's my go-to guy. Need someone to go shopping with? No one I'd rather hit the mall with him than him! Need someone to crush some Gossip Girl with? Sorry BFFs, I'm watching with dad.

So, yeah, I didn't quite understand that any of those things were considered "girly" until I got to high school and some lame douches dubbed them so.

The whole thing "girly" vs. "manly" thing is dumb. If you like something, like it! Who cares if most of the other people liking this thing are of a certain gender? NOBODY SHOULD CARE.

But, alas, we live in a weird world where people do care. So guys pretend they don't enjoy amazing, NORMAL things like scented candles and pedicures.

In a recent Reddit thread, a group of guys admitted all of the "girly" things (AKA anything other than beer and sports) they secretly love.

These guys love scented candles because they smell yummy, DUH.

This guy loves getting pedicures because toes are gross, and they need to be maintained.

These guys like yummy coffee drinks.

These guys love watching Gilmore Girls because that show rules obviously.

This guy loves drinking Pink Moscato and bumping some Lana Del Rey because why the eff not?

This guy lives for bath bombs because why suffer through a subpar bubble bath?

These guy's secretly love the children's movie Tangled because IT'S GOOD.

In fact, these guys basically love any children's movie or show because they're ALL good.

These guys secretly like sitting to pee because IT'S MORE COMFORTABLE.

This guy lives for romantic comedies because boys and girls can love being in love.

This guy loves cozy, fluffy socks because they're comfy AF.

This guy likes a good, old-fashioned face mask because boys can have big pores, too!!!!

These guys secretly like Taylor Swift because her music rocks whether or not you think she's lame.

This guy loves dance movies because literally how could you not?

This guy listens to Miley Cyrus' "See You Again" because anyone with a soul can relate to that song.

This guy loves yummy scented lotion because who wants that unscented BS?

And this guy loves making paper flowers... to be honest, I'm not sure how many girls even do this?