Men Reveal The Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships And They Didn't Hold Back

by Candice Jalili

Are you a woman who, for the life of her, just can't seem to hang on to a boyfriend? Well, worry no more!

The helpful men of Reddit have come to your rescue! They've given you all sorts of advice on how to improve your relationship by explaining all of the (many) mistakes women — and only women — make in relationships.

If you didn't catch on, that was all sarcastic, and these men are buffoons who seem to think literally every woman is the same.

But read their "advice" and give yourself a good, old-fashioned LOL.

You don't give him his space. (LOL, yeah, get a life, you friendless loser!)

You overanalyze everything he says. (Ugh, can't you just give that feeble, girl brain of yours a break and quit thinking so much?!)

You aren't putting enough effort into sexy time. (Right, give more blow jobs because you love him!)

You get mad at him for forgetting details. (Even when your silly girl brain apparently forgets important things all the time!)

You tell him you're fine when you're not. (Just tell him what you're feeling! Boys love talking about feelings!)

You overreact to little things. (Stop being such a SENSITIVE GIRL!)

You talk to your friends more than you talk to him about the relationship. (But also, you're not allowed to overreact to the little things to him, so maybe just bottle everything up. That'll be healthy!)

You give too many ultimatums. (Cool it!)

You never admit when you're in the wrong. (Because it HAS to be either 100 percent you or 100 percent him, amiright?!)

You expect him to do all the work. (Classic you, being such a lazy woman, sitting back and letting society pamper you like it ALWAYS does!)

Obviously, some of this advice isn't that bad.

You probably should give your partner some space and make an effort to have your own life while you're in a relationship. You should also probably keep some of the more intimate details of your relationship to yourself and put in just as much effort as your partner puts in.

The problem with these responses is that ANYBODY CAN MAKE THESE MISTAKES. I'm sure for every male respondent on here, there's a female who has the same complaint about a dude she dated once.

So let's all just make a conscious effort to BE BETTER across the board.