Men Fake Orgasms Just As Much As Women, According To Science

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According to a recent study by the University of Quebec, men may in fact be faking orgasms just as much as women.

In the study, researchers asked a sample of 230 men ages 18 to 29 on the platform Mechanical Turk if they have ever faked an orgasm. According to the findings, 25 percent of men have faked it on occasion.

Canadian researchers Léa J. Séguin and Robin R. Milhausen said of their study,

No study to date has thoroughly investigated men's motivations for feigning orgasm, or how these motives might be related to sexual and relationship satisfaction and sexual desire.

Furthermore, the men who admitted to faking it also admitted to faking orgasms in about 30 percent of their sexual encounters.

Séguin and Milhausen additionally noted,

Men who often pretend orgasm with their partner may be motivated to do so for their partner's sake, which ultimately may be motivated by their happiness or satisfaction with their relationship.

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