Here’s Proof That Men Are Just As Sappy And Emotional About Love As You Are

by Candice Jalili

So you and your boyfriend are watching "The Notebook." It's that scene where Allie doesn't remember Noah, and she's freaking out and kicking him out of her room, so obviously, you're an emotional wreck.

Then, you look over at your boyfriend, and he's sitting there dry-eyed, cool as a cucumber.

At this point, you have no choice but to wonder, "Is he a human, or am I just dating a weird, creepy, emotionless robot?"

You toss the whole emotionless robot thing around in your head for a while, until you finally reach the conclusion that he's not a robot at all. No, he's just a man!

And men don't have those silly emotions we have, right?! Wrong.

A recent Reddit thread asked men to give their "deepest, most inward reason" why they crave romantic relationships, and things got REALLY deep. Read along and prove to yourself once and for all that boys have feelings, too!

He just wants to know he's not broken.

He needs to feel validated.

He wants someone to make him feel less alone.

He wants someone to match him in his pink elephant pants.

He wants someone he can really talk about his feelings with.

He needs a relationship to prove there's nothing wrong with him.

He wants that "falling in love" feeling.

He wants someone to talk to all night.

He wants a deeper connection than a casual fling.

He wants someone to quote his favorite shows with.

He doesn't want to come home to an empty house.

He wants to share his day with someone.

He wants someone who understands him.

He wants someone to build a life with... not a Facebook post.

He wants to love someone with his whole heart.

Tell me you don't want to leap through the computer and give all these dudes a giant bear hug.

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