Guys Share How They Got Over Their First Loves

I've had my heart broken twice, and both times were harrowing experiences that shattered the glass of my world and made me an entirely different human being.

But you know what? I figured out how to get over someone, even when that someone was my first love (the first cut IS the deepest, baby). I cut my hair. I got eyelash extensions. I cried my eyes out to my best friends. I had rebounds. I had one-night stands. I went to therapy.

While the internet is full of endless articles about women getting over their partners, it's extremely rare that you ever hear men discuss how the hell they got over their first loves.

Guys are generally so private and guarded when it comes to breaking down the depths of their heartbreak. However, in this Reddit thread, they discuss and (gasp!) share what they did to get over their first loves, and the answers are pretty good.

I'm impressed, boys. You impressed a lez — well done.

This guy says time is the only healer of a broken heart:

I have to say I agree with this guy. There are no shortcuts for heartbreak.

And booze and other ladies are nothing but distractions. You need to sit with that pain for a little while.

This guy says to start finding a new girl:

Hm, I can't say I agree with this dude entirely. I mean, waiting for another wonderful girl to come into your life is just like looking for someone else to fill the dark, empty voids in your soul, right?

Why don't you try to get over someone authentically first? Honey, you're all you've got.

This guy suggests exercising the pain away:

What's better? Lifting the pain away or fucking the pain away? Who knows? Both are definitely better than drugging the pain away.

But yes, a revenge body can definitely make you feel temporarily more confident, even if it is superficial AF. But hey, who am I to judge?

I went blonde after my last breakup. I felt amazing.

This guy suggests "not killing yourself" is key:

This is very dark; however, it's very true, don't you think?

I mean, it's going to hurt. It's going to hurt so badly, you're going to want to crawl in bed, pull up the covers and never come out ever again.

But the feeling will pass. Feelings are temporary, baby. Trust that this, too, shall pass, my poor, heartbroken boy creature.

This guy suggests you look at what you've gained (not like muscle, but as, like, a person):

Can I get an amen? AMEN, honey.

Heartbreak gives you character, teaches you incredible lessons and propels you forward.

If you haven't had your heart broken, you're going to give off wildly naive energy, and girls don't like that. Girls like men who have been through heartbreak because they're soulful.

This guy says you should sleep with her BFF:

Unless they cheated on you, ruined your life or effed your best friend, I would suggest not sleeping with their best friend.

It's petty, it's drama, it will make everyone hate you and you will be alienated from your friends.

This guy says LOVE YOURSELF:

Now, he didn't say HOW he learned to love himself, so your lesbian big sister is going to help you out: Go to therapy. Take loads of baths. Groom. (Grooming is a very overlooked part of self-care.) Spend time alone. Write. Read. Travel alone. Get down and dirty in your own company!

If you're a heartbroken boy creature, feel free to message me for some tips from a lesbian. I now feel responsible for your well-being.