10 Married Men Admit Why They Wish They Were Still Single

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When it comes to love, maybe it's true that you can't always get what you want, and even when you think you have it all, you still always want what you can't have.

When you're single, that's why you wish you had someone you could laugh with and then burp with, all in the same sentence, on a lazy Friday night. But when you're married, you wish you had the freedom to download Tinder and swipe left, left, right, until your eyes are blurry and your thumb is numb.

So if you're on Team Single, wondering who the heck would trade in being happily married for being miserably single, check out what these 10 married men said was the biggest reason they wish they were still single. Try not to roll your eyes:

1. I want to try out new dating apps.

I got married way before dating apps were a 'thing' and every single person in the universe used them. I met my wife the old-fashioned way (in person), seven years ago. I never got to swipe left and right and find a date like I was shopping online on Amazon or something. It's something I wish I was able to try at least once in this lifetime.

— Joey G., 38


2. I like the “chase.”

I'm a guy, and guys like the chase. It's all about the chase at first. We like to feel like we're working hard to earn the love of a girl we're going after. When you're married, you don't do any of that anymore. It's burping, farting and just being 'you' with a person. I just miss the whole fresh, new love thing.

— Roberto G., 29

3. There's a part of me that loves to flirt.

My high school nickname was 'Rick the Flirt.' It's always been who I am. When I got serious with the woman, who is now my wife of two years, I had to drop that piece of my personality because it made her ultra jealous. There are parts of me that just want to spit game when I'm out, just for the fun of it. But I feel like I can't anymore because I'm married.

— Rick J., 30


4. I'm over being with a basic B.

I have this urge to be single, and I know it sounds wrong, but I have this urge because I think I can do better. I'm married to a basic… girl, and everything is about brand names and keeping up with the Joneses. I just don't feel like she's the one anymore, and I just wish I could see what else is out there before getting a divorce.

— Gregg P., 29

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5. It's not called cheating if you're single.

I have a problem with cheating. I've cheated on my wife of five years more than five times. I just feel like, if I were single, then it wouldn't be a problem. It would just be my life. I don't think she knows, or if she does, she's in denial about it.

— Craig D., 37

6. Marriage isn't what I thought it would be.

I got married at 23 years old, and I was way too young to make that kind of decision. All of my friends were still partying and dating around, and I was married with a full-time job. I thought it would be fun and comforting to be married and to go through my twenties with someone I loved, but it's been a headache. We fight a lot, and mostly, we fight about money and how we're spending it. A part of me wishes I could be young and single again, so I wouldn't rush into marriage so quickly.

— Nick L., 31

7. I'd see my friends more.

Most of my friends are single or dating people casually. Nobody is tied down like I am. They invite me out, but it's hard to ditch the wife on a Friday night for the boys. If I were single again, I'd see them way more, and my weekends would have more fun attached to them.

— Christopher F., 28

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8. The single life was carefree.

When you are single, you care about you and your bills. When you are married, you care about everyone else but you. I'm always putting myself last. I'm always worrying about my wife, my three kids and our bills. I miss having little responsibility and getting to decide little things on my own, like what to eat for dinner or when to go to sleep.

— Marty J., 33

9. I'd get with so many hot girls.

I just know if I were single today, with all these dating apps and websites, I'd be a chick magnet. I have the personality, and I still look pretty good for a guy in his 30s, who's married with kids. I wish I had the chance to just prove that to myself.

— Kyle D., 35

10. It's what every guy is thinking.

Whether they're married or in a long-term relationship, every guy wishes they were single. At least, a part of them does. I'm no different. I like being married, but of course, I'd love being single more and getting to do who I want and what I want.

— Tyler W., 29