No Games: The Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do Is Say Something And Mean It

by Paul Hudson

What makes someone attractive? Looks are one thing, but looks aren’t enough to make you sexy.

Sexy is a whole other beast – a much more basic and animalistic part of the human existence. Sexy is synonymous with mate-worthy.

We find sexy those qualities we believe portray a great mate, a great partner, a great genetic advantage.

Looks are certainly part of it, but so is strength, intellect, power, control.

It all really boils down to this: The sexiest individuals are those who get what they want. In other words, the sexiest men in the world are those who do exactly what they say they’re going to do.

He refuses to disappoint.

Relationships fail because of disappointment. Think about it; we break up with people because we believe the relationship isn’t working.

We believe the relationship isn’t working because we’re not happy with it.

We’re not happy with it because we’re not getting what we want. What happens when we don’t get the things we want?

We get disappointed. Hence, relationships fail when our disappointment surpasses the hope we have for improvement, for satisfaction.

So if you want to make sure your relationship lasts the ages, you have to avoid disappointing and being disappointed – not the easiest thing in the world, which makes sense because neither are relationships.

There is nothing sexier than a man who doesn’t disappoint. Of course, every man – just as every person in the world – will disappoint his partner at one time or another. It’s inevitable.

Yet, if you find a man who refuses to disappoint, meaning he does his very best to please and make you happy, half the trouble has already been taken care of for you.

Now all you need to do is make sure you don’t disappoint him. If a man who aims to please isn’t sexy, then you need to refine your definition of sexy – for your own good.

You can feel how much he cares about you.

A man who does what he says he’ll do is wonderful for many reasons, not least because of how well he treats you. What you need to remember is every man will tell you just about anything and everything you want to hear.

Literally every single one who is interested in dating and/or sleeping with you will tell you how beautiful you are, how wonderful you are, how much you mean to him.

He’ll promise to love you, to treat you well, to be there for you, to spend his life with you. And you know what? Sadly, 99.99 percent of these men are entirely full of sh*t.

But not this one. A man who follows through on his word keeps his promises.

When he tells you he’ll be there for you, he’ll never abandon you, he means it.

He’ll follow through. He’ll stick it out during the times you yourself are unsure. He cares about you and is willing to be the rock, the anchor that grounds the relationship.

You trust him because you know he won’t let you down.

If he says he’ll be there for you, then he will be there for you. Always following through on his word and doing exactly what he says he’ll do makes you trust him. It makes you trust him and the genuineness of his sweet words.

Trust is arguably the most important aspect of any relationship. It quite literally is the glue that holds people together. Societies have been built entirely on the concept of trust.

We trust that others won’t steal from us or harm us, and we trust that if they do, the government will protect us or bring us justice.

In a romantic relationship, trust is even more important. We can’t trust that people won't ever harm or take from us because we know they will.

We know the government won’t and can’t protect us or hold up justice. Hell, we can’t even trust the law to always abide by the law.

In a relationship, all we have is trust. In a world where trusting often leads to suffering, we need those closest to us to be trustworthy.

The closest of relationships need to make us feel safe, and in order for us to feel safe, we need a certain level of trust. It may not always seem like it – at least not until it’s lacking – but safety is incredibly sexy.

When he says he loves you, you know he means it.

A man who does exactly what he says he’ll do is a man who does exactly what he sets out to do. In other words, a man who has his sh*t together.

Grown, mature, intelligent men don’t do or say things they never plan on getting around to doing – at least not when it comes to the woman they presumably love.

There’s nothing more painful than questioning if the person you’re with, the person you love, the person you’re dedicating your life to, truly loves you.

Often we question with no good reason, but sometimes we have plenty of reasons.

Most men, even if they do love you, aren’t very good at showing it. They aren’t so much good at loving you as they are at telling you they love you.

But what good are words when their actions contradict, making it impossible for you to believe them?

If you want to be happy, then find a man you believe when he tells you he loves you. Find a man who doesn’t even need to tell you he loves you because he makes you feel loved.

I’m sure there will be plenty of people commenting about how this is fairytale fantasy. I’m very sorry you feel that way, but I’m afraid you’re wrong.

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