6 Reasons Mama’s Boys Are All About Respect In Relationships

My sisters and I look up to my big brother.

We outnumber him, but we've watched him become the successful, wise and loving man he is today.

He treats everyone equally, but the way he treats our mother is truly admirable.

He has so much respect and gratitude for her.

My sisters and I used to say it’s because he is the favorite, and maybe that's true.

Mothers and sons have a very special bond.

When a man loves and respects his mama, you can tell by the way he talks about her and by the way he treats the people in his life.

It doesn’t matter how many people he meets throughout his lifetime. His mama is his number one.

Men who respect and cherish their mothers are the best kind of men around.

Here are just a few wonderful reasons why:

1. They are the best huggers.

When they were younger, their mothers hugged and nurtured them.

Hugging emulated care and reassurance. As they got older — even in the “I'm too tough” stages — a mother's hug could fix it all.

For this reason, they are the greatest huggers of all.

They will know when you need to be held close, and they will let you do the same for them when they need to let their guard down.

Yes, men need to be nurtured every once in a while.

2. They are astute listeners.

They listen to you and respect your opinions.

This is simply because they know your thoughts and ideas have just as much importance as their own.

3. They are sweet-talkers.

They learned how to sweet-talk their mamas like nobody’s business.

Yet, she never failed to remind him of the fact she brought him into this world and could take him out.

For this reason, he respects you for calling him out on things and keeping him in line.

But, that doesn’t mean he won't try to sweet-talk his way out of things.

A man who cherishes his mother knows how to ease the tension and sugarcoat any possible bitterness with his sweet and kind words.

4. They are tasteful comedians.

They know women have a sense of humor.

They also know the importance of teasing or poking fun at one another because laughter is key in all relationships.

But, the jokes are never distasteful or taken too far.

They don't have a problem with you giving it right back to them. In fact, they are most likely expecting you to.

5. They know the real way to your heart.

They learned from a very young age that unloading the dishwasher, taking a laundry basket upstairs or sitting down and having a meaningful conversation can melt a woman’s heart.

If you come home to flowers, bravo to his mama.

6. They have hearts of gold.

If you meet a man who respects his mother, he will have a heart of gold.

He will be aware of the fact women are strong, independent and smart. He will be attentive and understanding.

But, he will also be smart enough to know love goes both ways.

He has a mama who never gave up on him. She challenged him when he needed to be challenged and never stopped believing in him.

For these reasons, he will know the value of unconditional love.

He will be the man who knows love is patient and kind.