Making The First Move


We live in a world that tells women we can do whatever we want, and the “Glass Ceiling” no longer exists. Rosie the Riveter said, “We Can Do It,” and the suffragettes fought for our right to vote. So when it comes to dating, or at least making the initial move, all the single ladies raise your hands up, and strut over to that guy at the bar and show him what you’re working with. Channel your inner Left Eye from TLC and be “Crazy, Sexy, Cool.” Let the guy know that you’re interested, and then go for a stroll along the path you just paved.

Discovering you may have feelings for one of your “bros” can get a little tricky. You must recognize that making a move could completely alter the dynamic between the two of you. If this is an issue you’ve addressed with yourself, or you just don’t care that much, then make your feelings known to your future boyfriend or future “ex-bro.” Start making your texts a little more suggestive, or be a little more flirtatious when you’re in his presence. If he’s into it, then he’ll be more than happy to show off his reciprocated feelings.

Sometimes guys get a little intimidated when you’re out with your girlfriends. Everybody, whether they like to admit or not, is afraid of rejection at some point. So if you a see a cutie at the bar while you’re busy laughing at one your friend’s disaster date story, go ahead and give him a welcoming smile. Still not enough? Go ahead and walk over to him and break the ice. His gratitude will prevail when he asks you out on a date, or you two end up going home together.

If the vibes are right, and going home is the next step, but no one knows what should be said, go ahead and be a little more provocative. Let him know that last call can happen at your place, not at the bar. What happens behind closed doors is your prerogative. When the morning light shines through the windows, let him lead the way to breakfast for two, or he can show himself out the door. Whatever you do, do not blow up his phone with a million texts about your desire to see him again the minute you part ways. You already let him know you want him to start the chase, so let him start running toward you.

Photo Source: Oliver John Walker

Samantha Surface | Elite. @SammySurface