4 Ways To Make Your GF's Friends Love You Because Yes, It Matters

by RI

Dating is hard. There is no way around that statement. If you disagree, your name is Prince, and to be honest, you're probably asexual.

The only thing harder than finding that perfect person to date and build a relationship with is making sure that person's best friend likes you. A woman's relationship between her best friend and her boyfriend means a lot more than a guy's.

Men honestly don't care if their friends like their girlfriends. If we like them, that's all that matters. A guy will cut his friends loose if a girl is worth it, but women won't.

A girl's best friend isn't going anywhere. She'll try and wait you out while she slowly constructs ways to get rid of you. OK, I'm kidding, but in all seriousness, girls really care what their friends think of the guys they are dating -- and rightfully so.

Women are more careful, wary and protective of their friends because, while heart disease is the number one cause of death for men, men are the number one cause of death for women ... well, according to Louis CK, anyway.

Here are some surefire ways to get her best friend to let her guard down and become your ally.

1. Ask her friend to help you pick out a gift.

There is no better way to show her BFF you value her input than by asking her to help you pick out that special birthday, Valentine's or Christmas gift.

She's known your girlfriend from day one. She knows her favorite band, color, that bag from that company you've never heard of. Not only do you score with getting your girl an amazing gift that she'll really appreciate, but you've acknowledged that no one knows her better than her bestie, and that will gain you 100 friend points.

2. Invite her friend out for lunch.

You know what really shows people you want to get to know them? Actually getting to know them!

And what better way of doing that than by taking your girlfriend's friend out for lunch? Not dinner, that's creepy, but lunch is perfect. Find out from your girlfriend what kind of places her friend likes, and then ask her friend. One-on-one time with her will really give you insight into her relationship.

Talk about anything you guys have in common. This isn't about picking her brain; this is about sharing a meal and hopefully gaining a friend.

No one ever wants to feel left out, and when you date someone, his or her closest circle immediately thinks they will lose time with one of their friends. The goal here is to show inclusiveness. Make your girl's friend feel a part of your relationship in a way.

Besides, you were going to eat lunch anyway.

3. Help her friend out.

Your girlfriend, more than likely, lives with her best friend or spends a ton of time with her. Regardless, you can help her friend out of a jam. (Jump on that opportunity when it presents itself!)

If her friend is moving, help her get the couch down the four-floor walkup. If you have dinner at her place, and you see she could use a hand with the dishes, get off the couch, and roll those sleeves up. Offer to take out the trash or hang that photo she's been wanting to put up.

I know this sounds weird, and you might think that's backwards, but I promise you it is not. A huge part of being in a relationship is your significant other knowing she can count on you. If you can show her best friend you'll be there for her when she really needs you, both of their hearts will melt.

4. Introduce her friend to someone she might like.

By now, you know her best friend. You care about her, and you want to see her happy.

If she is single, introduce her to someone. Not your "player" friend who runs all over town but the nice guy you know.

Maybe the two of them will hit it off. Maybe they won't, but a surefire way to make her best friend love you is if you introduce her to her next crush.