Maids Of Honor Share How They Battled A Bridezilla


After you accept the role of being the bride's side chick during her wedding adventure, you may handle a lot of the unexpected drama and requests that float your way.

Paying for an exotic bachelorette party? Sure, that may seem doable.

Buying a bridesmaid dress that you will never ever wear again? OK, you may even be cool doing that.

But what happens when the bride turns from a semi-demanding human being into a complete bridezilla? Well, you may find yourself wondering how in the world to deal with the crazy, downright insane requests coming your way.

If you're looking for a little help, take notes of how these maids of honor battled a friend-turned-Bridezilla.

1. I ghosted her.

— Lizzy R., 27

2. I gave her a chill pill.

— Lauren E., 31

3. I staged an intervention.

— Kori W., 29

4. I was a bridesmaid-zilla back

– Dani O., 24